Tuesday, 6 August 2013

31/52 - how many memories can you fit in a box?


You know you chose the right birthday gift when your daughter is frequently found just sitting like this... lost in a world made for dreaming, imagining and of course, storing up her many little treasures. 

I hunted long and hard for the most perfectly sweet little-girl-yet-big-girl musical jewellery box. Something sentimental to cherish for years to come. I love to think of the childhood memories and treasures that will be stored in this little green box! 


At nap time, he requests to be tucked in with all his favourite toys alongside... Bee in pride of place, of course. 'Please can you tuck my toys under wif me?' he sweetly asks. Much more than his sister, he has a very fierce bond with his little friends.... so cute!


He is getting into his solids and taking them very seriously!

Sometimes he isn't interested, sometimes he can chow down a whole 'stick' of avocado or sweet potato, and other times he happily chews his finger (while holding the food) and calls that a good meal, haha. Following the Baby Led Weaning philosophy means we just follow his lead by presenting good food options and letting him decide how much or if to eat. Stress-free and fun for the whole family! He is getting a great work out of his fine motor skills too :)

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Morning snuggles. Or should I say in Miles' case - Morning Smothers??!

Is this food or my finger? Ahhh, either will do!

A fun little birthday party at the CSIRO Discovery Centre - so much for our little scientists to discover!
(I just missed the moment but E was clutching L's arm... love how he looks to her for reassurance)

handling a stick insect like a pro!

boy meets turtle

lily the scientist - and why can't a girl scientist rock a pink lab coat?!

they were fascinated with these microscopes, inspecting all manner of nature's wonders!

my little mad scientist

renacting the sorry tale of when he tripped over, bashed his nose on the floor
and got a gushing blood nose, causing himself (and parents) a good
moment of panic and a cascade of blood on his new shirt!

just a spot of afternoon tea with friends

a lot of photos of my Middle child this week cos he just gets up to so many hijinks and is always happy
to be photographed being cute too ;)

there is no doubt about it... seriously funny little fella!

They made a bus, they ride the bus. Eli the Bus Driver keeps the passengers firmly in check.

He likes to dip his pizza into greek yoghurt (or sour cream). This kid is so full of quirks I can hardly stand the cuteness!

E got into peeling carrots. REALLY GOT INTO IT. Like, peeled half the depth of the carrot, haha! He was having so
much fun and working so hard (I helping you, Mummy, dat's helpfulness!) that I let him peel four even though I only needed two. But he was also happy to munch the huge pile of peel so it did not go to waste!

'Mexican Pile Up' for dinner but Lily decides to go for a more Tapas-style ;)

We acquired a big cardboard box and it has held days worth of amusement - as a sailing ship, a family car, a rocket,
a place to hide, sleep, jump out of and just a general place for these two to sing and be silly like two mini-drunken sailors!

I think there is some ice hockey version of this? Daddy pushes the kids around with a broom. Kids shriek with
unbridled glee!


  1. Your posts are so beautiful and inspiring Kate. It's really nice to read about your humble and down to earth family, which reminds me to slow down as well and appreciate everything. Thank you.

    1. wow ronnie, i am really touched by your kind words! thank you for reading, lovely friend :) i have to admit (ironically) this habit of blogging also reminds ME to slow down and appreciate the little precious moments of family life too! i am grateful for how it makes me see these simple or funny little moments in new light and through blogging it i feel like i get to savour them over and over - plus keep for them to enjoy too! its an unexpected joy in the ritual :) Godh has been good to us, huh? thanks hon xx

  2. Again, so many simple but precious moments in your week Kate! That shot of Lily looking at her jewellery box is so lovely. That box will be cherished by your little girl. The one of Miles eating his fingers is so funny! And Eli with all his softie buddies tucked in says a lot about your little dude.
    Love the last two in the box too. I will always be thankful for oversized cardboard boxes ;)


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