Sunday 11 August 2013

32/52 - the peg bandit and the princess


Elegance and innocence - all wrapped up into one precious little package.

(This weekend, we had a lovely friend come stay with us from Sydney. Doing Lily's hair before a birthday party was just one of the many sweet ways she blessed us with her visit! So grateful for deepening friendships and the bond of sisterhood we share in Jesus!).


The peg-bandit.

First, the backstory. A while ago, I needed an activity to occupy the busiest little boy I ever did know, so I set him up at the table with a Montessori-style table activity - a bunch of plastic containers and a pile of pegs. He went to town pegging and creating - good times for all!

A coupe weeks later, Mark and I (in the midst of the endless laundry cycle) noticed we seemed to be running low on pegs (yes, you can see where this is going!) - we even had to buy a new pack. Then I happened to venture into the kid's undercover 'mud kitchen' play area in the backyard and saw Master Eli sitting up to the table, getting his Montessori on!! So cute - just sitting there, industriously working away on transferring a big pile of (missing) pegs :) I casually asked him what he was up to and he just-as-casually replied 'I doing this pegs 'tividy all by myself'. Yes, indeed.

So that explains the Great Peg Mystery of 2013. This boy of mine really makes me smile :) 


Do you see what I see?

Why, yes, that's a little toothy-peg peeking through :)

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

My motto this Winter has been 'there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing'... so pretty much every day (unless it's really wet and yucky), the kids get bundled up in coats and beanies and sent outside for their 'daily constitutional' ;) Oh yes, I am a cruel mother indeed, aren't I?! 

But - kids outside - exploring, creating, getting dirty and finding adventure... is what childhood is all about, I think! Even when it's cold (by our Canberra standards... it's not like we have snow on the ground!) a dose of fresh brisk air and time to run wild and play freely does *everyone* a world of good :)

She is a masterful outdoor cook! Sand brownies are today's bakery offering!

She waits for her 'clipping' to grow by sheer will-power (and daily watering....)

Still hard at work!

The girl's got style.... her very own signature style ;) Love the crazy
home day outfits she concocts!! She comes up with them during 'quiet time' in
her room and I never quite know how she will emerge.

Little Rock Chick Ballerina

sometimes life is tough (for 20 seconds)

She got the ball to the middle and was rather pleased with herself. Remember
these nifty little toys?! Note her stylish layered
pyjama wear! Only Lily would work out how to wear summer PJ's in winter ;)

Double baby chins.... (sorry Miles, I couldn't resist sharing this one!)

Mmmmm, quite tasty (digging into hommus on toast)

Getting distracted by his brother singing silly songs. This will be an ongoing occurance, I have no doubt.

Said brother singing said silly songs. A literal belly laugh as he chomps on his carrot, because he is well aware he is the funniest boy who ever lived.

Crying/laughing cos he is just so amused by himself. Seriously. 

'We a real family!' they proclaim, as they drive around Baby Susan in their big box car. 


  1. so many adorable photographs this week! that pic of Lily's profile is just gorgeous, such a beautiful girl. Love the Montessori activity, I need to try it with Riggs! And I truly can't believe how big Miles is already, time just flies!

    I think it's great you get out with them, they probably love it! We spend hours outside everyday, winter and summer. We were even out last winter when it was 22 degrees (F) below zero! Just add more layers :)

    1. thanks Whitney :) ah yes give Riggs a go w the pegs - amazing how entertaining they can be!! i did think about this year all of the snowy climes and how kids get out all year around and enjoy the weather, so surely we can get out in our (comparably) slightly chilly weather! some snow to play w would be nice too though!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous set of of photos this week Kate! Lily with her 'up-do', looking so grown up and pleased with the end product. I see a bit of a "funny-man" theme going on with Eli's photos this week ;) He really is a character. I love the one of him on the stool, cracking himself up ;) A tooth for Miles - woo hoo! The changes are coming thick and fast for that little guy!
    I am the same as you. outdoor activities have resumed as usual despite the cold temps. Kids don't seem to mind either.
    Love that last collage with Baby Susan - so cute!

    1. isnt she looking so grown up!? and yes, 'eli the entertainer' is quite the performer around here!! i knowwwwww little Miles tooth - second one has broekn through too!!!! my baby! yeah its good the kids dont mind the weather huh - especially if i pack them a little snack to eat outside, they will go out in any weather heehee!

  3. looks like a funny week! Lily is a good cooker, it's a great activity for children ;) Miles is a cute baby.

    1. thank you for your comment! yes kids love cooking up a mess dont they?!

  4. Gorgeous pictures ... every single one of them :0)

  5. I am also doing a DD for 3 kids! Beautiful pictures this week!

    1. 3 kids is great huh - busy, exhausting but wonderful :)

  6. Hi Kate so lovely to come across you and your lovely kids. We use to live in Canberra I miss it great so its so lovely that your there. Looking forward to following more of your journey x

    1. ohhhh nice to know others who understand how wonderful canberra is :) look fwd to following along w you too, so glad u joined us! x

  7. Lily is just to gorgeous! Cannot handle it! I just keep seeing her all grown up. But seriously can Eli get any cuter? I would laugh with him all day long. And miles, sweet gorgeous miles with his little face rolls! Just wanna kiss him! Think I'll need to plan a visit to Canberra to meet you and your family my lovely online friend!

    1. aw thank you!!! yes lily is growing up SO much, every day she seems to transform before me! and yes eli keeps us laughing.... well when we are not pulling out hair out, haha - the constant clowning DOES wear a little thin at times ;) it woudl be so awesome to meet you too!

  8. kate - such a great collection of photos! the toothy-peg photo is gold. i bundle sassy up and we go outside in all kinds of weather too - the girl wouldn't have it any other way!...thanks for your sweet message ;) xxx

  9. What a wonderful, joyful collection of shots. I linked to you as one of my favourites from week 32 xx


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