Saturday, 17 August 2013

33/52 - those busy little hands


My, how times change... when your five year old begs to hand-wash the dishes.... rather than use the dishwasher! I remember begging to have a dishwasher when we were younger and my wonderful parents smugly replying 'But, we already have three!' (Namely, three girls/slaves). Haha, parents! ;) 

Never fear, my kids get their chance to groan about their own chores too - ironically, unstacking the dishwasher!

Anyway, here is my Little Miss Cinderella, industriously and contentedly washing up a bunch of dishes. Ahhh, novelty ;) 

Her sweet expression captured here? Melts my heart!

Little Hands - Hard at Work


My lovely friend Velle, expert giver of the perfect and always-timely gift, recently gave Eli a rockin' construction-themed craft/crayon set for his birthday. He was pretty pleased to have his very own 'craft' and it was just perfect for him with lots of fun stuff to make and move around. We had a very sweet morning constructing, colouring (ahhh, so soothing) and playing together while Big Sister was at school. 

Little Hands - Hard at Play


Enjoying pre-bed snuggles, wrestles and 'airplanes' with Daddy. All these tasks can be performed whilst gnawing on your own hands, right, Miles?

The scene below is pre- and post- neck snuffling! Love the expectant look then post-snuffle glee :)

Little Hands: Good for Teething

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

She presented this creation to me - clearly deciding she needed her own clock.
Glued paper together, drew and cut the circle and the face. My favourite bit is how
her commitment to the roman-numeral style markers ran out pretty quickly, ha!!
It kinda all went downhill from '5', I think!!

Hooray for Ikea $3.99 spice racks - the coolest little forward-facing bookshelves out there! We finally installed one for Lily to store her books etc up by her top bunk bed.  Three seconds after it was done, she called us in to proudly display her most important treasures. And what more does a girl need?? A book about Jesus, a tiara, pink sparkly shoes and a water bottle.  Just the bare essentials to get through the night, really. ;)

All settled in with her supplies near by. This girl looooves her little nest and it just got even better :)
(My new favourite thing is checking her shelf each day - love seeing what her latest treasures are)

Just some early morning 'silly song and dance'... par for the course around here!

My Little Aviator - ready to fly.

I see you, Mummy!



  1. Beautiful moments captured. Love the photo's of your little girl washing up, contentment and wonder in a fairy dress xx

  2. All three portraits this week are so lovely! Lily's in particular really says a lot about how she applies herself to house chores. I love the look she is giving the glass! Such attention to detail!
    The Miles + Mark shots are very special. You can see a true connection in those shots.
    You got the spice racks up! Yay! It looks great and Lily looks so happy with it! Love that she included a tiara. You never know what kind of princess duties she may need to get p to in the middle of the night ;)

  3. Lily's portrait this week is precious, how sweet is she, and how lovely to have a photo of her in this moment - when she's a teenager you can show her how helpful she was when she was little. I love the dancing photos, it is so great to have photos of these special fun moments between siblings and your two big kids look like they have plenty of fun together!


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