Monday, 29 July 2013

miles.stones // a six month 'half birthday'

Happy half-birthday to my little man! 

Half a year already? Madness!

Yes, it is no surprise that I got a little sentimental over this half-year milestone.... it's a big leap, especially seeing solids introduced. But as these posts are really about the month before (so, Miles' fifth month) I will leave the details of that messy goodness till next time. Suffice to say we have dived in at six months on the dot and doing Baby Led Weaning for the third time around is going great!

Anyway, this hear-by marks the half-way point of an amazing first year with smiley Miles :)

It has been, without doubt, an absolute pleasure! xx



We are in a bit of a tricky phase where he is still on three naps which seems a little too much, but not quite ready to drop to two. Squeezing in proper sleeps and full waketimes is a bit tricky. However it does mean the day is pretty flexible in terms of being able to make up for short naps another time if we have to get him up early to go out or whatever. Depending on whether it's a school day or not, we are mostly looking like this...

7.30am -  Wake, feed, play
9 - 11am - Nap
11am-1pm - Wake, feed, play
1-3pm - Nap
3 - 4.45 - Wake, feed, play
4.45 - 5.30pm - Catnap
5.30 - Wake, feed, play (bath), top up feed
7/7.30pm - Bed
10pm-ish - Dream Feed

Not sure if he will be ready to go to two naps for a while yet, so may just shorten his naptimes to 1.5 hours as his wake time increases. We are both not quite ready to give up the dream feed yet either ;)

You can see all the blonde coming through... 
There is an awful lot of this going on. Hard to capture him flat on his back anymore!

Miles.tones and more...

Miles is babbling like a happy little chatterbox. He is saying 'Dada' and 'Bubba' quite a lot, which sends Lily into conniptions - she is sooooo excited to have him 'talking REAL WORDS, Mummy!!!!!!' and keeps trying to add to his repertoire! Quite amusing seeing Miles get so much coaching.... no pressure, little dude :)

He laughs and giggles and rolls and wriggles - and grasps for anything in range... and scooches around quite a bit too. Loves holding his legs up in the air and staring at them, haha! Not chewing those tootsies yet. Loves copying faces and sounds (when he is in the mood). Loves exploring your face with those little claws too!

I have been pretty conscious about not 'propping' him in unnatural positions, (eg sitting, standing, in jolly jumpers or walkers etc), but he is now in the highchair for solids and sits great and is so strong in his core! It's adorable to see him sitting up with the family. Seriously, the minute we sat him up there, he smiled SO BIG. Like, 'Hooray, I am up with the family and all the action!'. It was gorgeous. Oops, I am supposed to keep all that for next month but anyway!! He is doing great with solids via Baby Led Weaning.

He is still a pretty chilled little baby and I can't see him really crawling for a while, but we will see what happens... I know when he starts crawling is when the trouble starts, haha, so I am in no rush personally ;)
Surprisingly, no teeth yet! Which puts him later than my first two who got two toothypegs at five months. His bottom left one is alllllmost through - sitting right under the skin and feeling sharp but not quite broken through - we will see how long it takes.

Hmmmm, I can't think of too many other details to record here, other than hooray for a half-year birthday with our beautiful boy. Love this kiddo, just love him like crazy. I had forgotten so many sweet pleasures of this age - like how his little eyes track me constantly around the room and as soon as I make eye contact, he bursts into that mega-watt sunshiney grin. I mean.... ain't nothing better than that adorable smile! Exchanging wordless loving gazes with your little one is pretty darn sweet and I could spend all my time doing it. Alas, meals must be cooked and floors swept too ;)

Mum, you still taking photos?!
Oh, I do, do, do love you!

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  1. He is just gorgeous!! Cannot believe its been 6 months since you've had him! Time surely does fly when your having fun- or staring at gorgeous babies in your case ;) xx


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