Sunday, 21 July 2013

29/52 - those simple days, our family ways


Fragile and delicate... 

Not just the pretty cupcake but also my sweet little girl after some emotions (and tears) were shed.


Who is this poor little waif begging to come back into the house??

Oh wait, that's my kid ;)

And yes, the glass door is filthy. Because a certain little fellow also likes to blow kisses through the glass...


I have been in high levels of denial about my teeny tiny baby turning six months next week. 

Starting solids? Impossible! How can it be? He is my cuddly little baby boy... and always will be. But then I see him like this and realise... yes, it's true, he is growing up.

What is it they say... you can't fight progress?! ;) 

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

We are a house obsessed with pomegranates. So delicious, so fun to eat (the fussiness makes them more fun, I think!)
and soooo beautiful with those rich blood red seeds that go 'pop pop pop' according to the kids. 

'Let's have a cosy school holiday Pyjama Day! Watch movies and read books inside all day!' I proclaimed...
'Please Mummy, can we get dressed, do painting and go outside and build an obstacle course?!' And so we did.
Was wishing I just had lazy kids for a day - but seeing them play and create like this is a pretty good substitute :)

Risk Assessment: Standing back and letting her manage her own risks. Turns out kids are very capable and if left
undisturbed are pretty good at evaluating what is possible and safe. She prepared to slide down, she wriggled the slide,
 I bit my tongue and she decided on her own it was not a wise move! Phew.

My three boys hanging out...

Kissing those little fingers...

The cutest little claw goes in for the attack...

Nom, nom, nom.
Those little fingers go straight for any mouth that comes near enough... how can you not nibble and kiss and nom!?

'But Daddy, everyone's in here and I have no one to play with me...'

'Assisting' Miles in another round of  'Row, row, row your boat'. Brothers, huh?!

Eli decides Miles needs to try out Daddy's beanie!

Twinkle Toes... moving faster than the speed of light!

What's cuter than a baby in a turtleneck, I ask ya?
PS He is lying on an old doona cover that was mine as a kid! Now Eli gets to sample
some 80's design!

If I could do fancy photo editing I would totally turn this into some kind of flying baby pic :)

Multi-tasking Big Sister...
cuddling and patting little brother while watching Sound of Music and making sure Miles does not catch a glimpse because 'TV is bad for babies, Mummy.'


  1. I LOVE all the moments you captured this week. The weather may have been cold but it didn't seem to bother your kids, and their smiles :) Lily's portrait this week is so tender. Those red eyes and just dried tears. She is lucky to have you by her side when she feels sad.
    The 'boys' shots are classic. You can clearly see that everyone in the photo has their own role to play and enjoy bonding with each other.
    We love pomegranates too! Messy things but totally worth it for the taste/sensory wonder that they are ;)
    I love the last photo. Lily, ever the protective sis. So funny!

    1. thanks amber! i was so enamoured w the shots of the boys too... all their cute interactions :)

  2. Look at you go Kate! It's been a while since I've popped by, and your photos are looking fab! The images on the bed of the boys (and then Lily) are so beautiful!!!

    I can't believe how grown up Miles is- sniff* oh those babies grow too fast.

    (Oh, and that obstacle course gave me a giggle... glad they made it through the day in one piece;)

    1. ahhhh fiona, so sweet of you to pop by and say such kind words! honestly i am cringing bc i know my shots are sooooooooo dodgy in terms of anything like proper light settings and stuff. sigh! but even though I wish I could do that stuff better (such a slow learner) and marvel at all the great photographers in our gang, i am determined to swallow my pride and keep taking/posting cos capturing the moment is the main thing and my priority - even if the settings are whack ;)

      whoa, that was an outpouring!! just soemthing i was thinking lately when i was getting frustrated. i have far to go! but your encouragement means a lot!! and yes.. babies growing TOO FAST :(

  3. Your little ones are so sweet. I wish I remembered to take as many photos each week as you do, they are gorgeous.

    1. thanks shannon! i am always surprised when i download them at the weekend how many scenes i got that i have forgotten about - and i feel like i hardly take any now!! (compared to last year).


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