Saturday, 13 July 2013

28/52 - a birthday bus ride

It was a big birthday weekend celebrating three years of our little man, Eli. 

We go big on birthdays around here... not so much on gifts as traditions, fun and fuss. We aim to celebrate that person and pile as much birthday love on top of them as we can. And it was fun to do that for our little man who will take any excuse for a good time!

We started with a restaurant dinner on Friday (a last minute plan due to a free meal on offer!) which was a really lovely time, then Saturday we planned to take the kids on a bus ride! They had never been on a bus before and we knew Eli would LOVE the novelty of it as he always shrieks with joy whenever he spots a bus around town. I realise this sounds a bit strange for those whom catching buses is a daily reality, but for them - it was big excitement. We caught the bus down to the lake, popped by a cafe for a babycino (oh, how times have changed when you take your three year old out for a birthday 'coffee' haha), and a stroll around the lake, exploring the shore and greeting Then a second bus ride home - good times!

A lovely morning out was followed by a family birthday dinner with my parents that evening.  So pretty much the best birthday a three year old could hope for, by all accounts :)


She the bus ride. Kept exclaiming how fun it was, over and over. Took everything in, asked 1,000 questions, didn't want to get off... and sweetly (and unprompted) said 'Thank you for the bus ride!' to the rather grumpy bus driver as we exited.

Oh - and for Eli's birthday she put together a birthday box with two drawings and a pair of scissors. He has already been using them (while monitored, lest he go on a snipping rampage) but Lily clearly decided three was the age to officially grant her brother licence to use such a 'big kid' implement. A coming of age rite, indeed!


I expected him to bounce and squeal, want to run all over or at least kneel up on the seat and peer out the window. Instead, enthralled and fascinated, he was happy to quietly sit next to his sister (on the inside row) and peer about, drinking it all in. He assured me he could see just fine, and earnestly asked about every sign and item on the bus, then watched the tree tops whizz by. 

This sweet, quiet moment was taken on the bus trip home.... oh, I love this boy.


I mean, seriously. His signature furrowed left brow just kills me.

Project 52: A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

Friday night out to dinner at a restaurant... super exciting for the kids. Mark dressed
the kids in these adorable outfits and I was pretty impressed with the cute overload!

'How old are you now, Eli?"

The wait for the bus was truly intense. They were NOT going to miss that bus. Eagle eyes trained, no parents
permitted to block their view of the hill, Lily's armed prepared to wave it down with vigour :)

Anticipation is high.

My sweet boy. Love this shot... first moments on the bus, big eyes drinking it all in, safely by his sister's side.

So much to see and explore in this big wide world...

Just hanging around, being three, on the chin up bar by the lake.
(Those smiling half-moon eyes are his calling card).

Daddy and his Mini-Me. *melt*

Miles fascinated with this strange adventure.

Birthday dinner...

Eli's birthday dinner of choice? Home made pizza of course! As you can see, he prefers the 'clumping' method of
pizza topping application, haha.

One of his gifts... a bed side clip on light. He was enthralled to say the least. As we suspected, the lamp will only be
connected for special reading times, otherwise it would be flicking on and off every five seconds All.Night.Long. I
am not even joking or exaggerating!! He looooves buttons, this kid!
(Lily is getting a lamp for her birthday too, but think she may be old enough to have it up there full time). 

We have a little family tradition of when the kids turn three, they get a jelly 'frog pond' cake. I had this cake when I was three, and it was so delightful to make it for Lily when she turned three. Through the mildest power of suggestion from her, Eli eagerly also chose a jelly cake! Miles doesn't know it yet, but that is what he is choosing too, haha! Simple, easy, yummy jelly covered in lollies - what more could a kid want?!

Layered blue and green jelly, red frogs, chocolate bullet 'logs'
and spearmint leaves with blue 'water' sprinkles!

Taking a new perspective of being 'three'
(with his burnt out sparkler)

After happily borrowing his sisters dress ups for so long, we decided to gift our boy with his own costume.
A firefighter outfit had the double blessing of coming with lots of accessories with buttons to press! The firefighting
role play going on around here is hilarious!! (His other gift was the Jesus Storybook Bible).

Firefighter Eli ready to douse any flames and/or cameras.

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  1. It is so good to come back from holidays and read your blog Kate. I have missed your words and your photos.
    It was wonderful to get a glimpse into Eli's birthday week. I love your family philosophy on birthdays. Ours are very similar and my main aim is for the birthday person to feel "special" on their day. It is so beautiful that both Lily and Eli approached the bus ride with such excitement and wonder. It is always the simple, ordinary things for our little ones. It must have been lovely for you and Mark to see the bus ride through their eyes. I love all the shots you captured on the bus, especially Eli's eyes that look like they couldn't get any wider ;)

    Great shots this week (the reading light one is wonderful!) and Happy Birthday to your gorgeous, gorgeous boy. We love him so much! xx

    1. you know i really must say i have missed your encouraging comments on my blog!!! so thanks for checking in after your big trip :) u keep me going heehee!

      yes the bus ride was such a simple but wonderful little outing - thanks to your inspiring me to do it! they looooved it and really the ride was not long enough - next time we will have to go to the city i think as they wanted to keep going and going. except - i got bus sick!!!! on the way home we literally had to get off a stop early as Mark coudl tell i was about to throw up - no kidding. hopefully wont be the case next time!

      yes, i just loved seeing eli drink it all in, he really enjoyed it and his whole birthday was just super special, it was so nice to really celebrate our boy. x

  2. PS. Kate, I don't think your blogin' link works? I am getting an error.

    1. i know... argh I dont know why! to be honest, I only put it in because you had to include that link to be able to 'claim' your blog on bloglovin' - so even though the link doesnt work, as it was 'live' i could still claim it, so thats good at least! :) do you use a reader? i am loving bloglovin' haha... if i get the energy i will try to sort out the link but not likely ;)

  3. I adore all of the bus rides pictures, especially the quiet ones of Eli. He is a doll! I really love the one of Eli and Lily waiting on the bench too. It's so cute that Eli is leaning over while looking for the bus. They both look very determined, lol.

    Happy 3rd Birthday to Eli! Silas turned 3 at the end of March, and while it has been a lot of fun, I miss my 2-year-old already. He's just so darn grown-up now! That jelly cake looks delicious! I've never heard of such a thing. And what a sweet big sister he has, giving him those scissors. Now that's love right there ;-)

    1. thanks faith! yessssss 3 is so grown up isnt it? our big boys! silas and eli would have such fun hanging out :) as i said below to julia, jellycake is sooooo easy - just a big bowl of layered jelly - but the kids LOVE it so win/win haha

  4. He does look so grown up suddenly! I love all your thoughts on birthdays and the pond cake is inspired. I wish I had your energy.

    1. julia, the secret is that jelly cakes are SOOOOO much easier than a regular cake - its just jelly w candy on top :) you just have to start a day or two early - do a layer of jelly, let it set, put another on top. kids love it but no skill required ;)


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