Thursday, 11 July 2013

eli // three at last! three at last!

Upon a child's birthday, it is customary for the mother to proclaim that she simply cannot believe her child is actually that age. I know, because I often do this too! However, this time around, I admit my reaction to my sweet son turning three was more like 'He's only turning three now? It feels like he has been three for months and months!' He just seems so much older to me - I guess cos he is so tall, so chatty and so often conjoined with his big sister. I am sure becoming a big brother himself recently also aided this 'big boy' status in my mind. 

Oh, but he is still little. I must remind myself of this. I admit sometimes I feel my expectations of him have been too high, and it has been shocking to remind myself - he is only two. Two with gusto! :) And now here he is, at the princely age of three. I photographed his annual birthday series and was surprised (aided by a recent haircut) at how much older he looks - the face of a grown boy emerging from those previously so chubby cheeks! He is that tangled mix of big and little, baby and boy.

Forgive the photo overload... but I was so enchanted at the boy emerging, and even the man peeking through. Looking so much like his handsome Daddy! I was pleased to have captured pretty much every expression of this little character - from cheerful to super silly, from curious to  serious... with a few coy smiles and boisterous antics thrown in. And all those crouching ones were taken because he was leaping towards me like a frog holding a sign. Yes, he brings a little something extra to even the most mundane of tasks. This kid... he never ceases to amaze me and I have a feeling he always will. 

 Here is what he was up to a mere year ago, still a curly haired cheeky little toddler... my, how my boy has grown! (I still weep for those lost curls!). But my little E has really transformed this year. He took on his big brother role with aplomb. He is so tender and caring and absolutely besotted with his baby brother. Bringing him toys, smothering him in kisses, singing him songs and always 'interpreting' his cries and coos. Meanwhile, his devotion to his sister has not waned. They play and play and play. He wants to be wherever she is, and though he is not short of opinions, he cooperates with her play ideas so generously. He is 'Eli in the Middle' but he is his very own boy and (especially as a middle child myself!) I will always make sure he does not get lost in the mix... What am I saying? He will take care of that himself! With his boisterous, charming and cheeky personality, he will never be lost in a crowd. 

Eli. He is physical, he is constantly moving, his attention is like a constantly roaming heat-seeking missile. And he is tender, he is sweet, he is affectionate. He is so well mannered and appreciative. He often thanks me for the littlest things, like wiping the table near him, or even a half-asleep 'Fank you, Mummy' when I adjust his blankets late at night. He even thanks me for cleaning him up after he has vomited... and it sure is nice to be appreciated for that, haha! He loves snuggles, he loves wrestles, he loves singing and reading. He is generous, forgiving and always eager to share. He loves to help and flourishes in one-on-one time. 

He challenges me as parent... his sister, he ain't. I am learning to parent him for who he is and step up to that noble task, reaching for every ounce of the consistency and grace he needs. When I fail, he forgives! He forces me to to look deeper and higher for ways to teach, train, love and nurture this dynamic little soul. I want to do my best for him and help him channel all his vigour into good, good things. He is determined, but not obstinate. He is loud, but not ill-tempered. He is a boundary pusher but he is quick to admit his wrongs. He is excitable and energetic and thrilled by every small joy God put in this world.. he seeks it out with relish! He is observant, caring, thoughtful and gentle. He is busy. He is truly funny with a comedic timing that awes me and often causes me to smother smiles at inappropriate timing. He is my son. I am a mother still learning what it means to raise a boy. I am a little bit awed at this child in my care. And I am blessed with the most precious little man to learn with and learn from. He melts my heart with his sweetness, in a way no one else can. He also exhausts me like no-one else too... but I wouldn't change him for the world :)

Oh Eli... the wonderful places you'll go! 
Son, it is a privilege to see you bloom and grow. xx

A snapshot of Eli at Three


Running outside, watching Playschool, wrestles, reading. Playing with his siblings. Sharing a room with his sister. Jelly. Avocado. Home made pizza, Shopping with Daddy. Pressing buttons on and off and on and off and on and off....


Sitting still. Sudden loud noises (like a timer going off). Waking up from naps (always so fragile!).

An Interview with Eli 

What are you going to be when you grow up?
I'm going to have a big pat of an Elephant

What’s that going to be like?
When I'm 33 i'm going to be bigger

What are your favourite toys?
Mummy playing with me. My bee. 

Who are your best friends?

What makes you happy?

Baby Miles

What makes you sad?
Not having some jelly

When you dream at night, what do you dream about?

I just snore and dream

(At this point he gently informed me 'I want to go to bed now Mummy' 

so I had to continue the interview the next day!!!!)

What do you like to do with Daddy?
Go to Aldi

What do you like to do with Mummy?
 Go to Chifley park

What do you like to do with Lily?
Play mummies and daddies

What do you like to do with Miles?
Play with him

What’s your favourite colour?

Pink (what his sister likes, he likes!)

What’s your favourite book?

Touch and feel Pets

What does Daddy do during the day?
Goes to Aldi. sees the chicken man. (The guy at our local grocer who wears a chicken hat. He is a celebrity in our home!). Goes to work

What does Mummy do during the day? 

Stays home

What do you do during the day?
Just stay home and just play some toys

It's good to be three because.....
It's my birthday... is it my birthday today??


And of course... the ongoing collage. My, how he grows...


  1. Such a cool post Kate. In particular I loved reading Eli's answers to those questions. I'm starting that this year!! :)

    1. thank sally!! heehee yes his answers were so cute - he was very patiently answering them till he decided he would rather be sleeping ;)

      this was his first year interview too, i started w lily last year so cant wait to ask her again and see the change :)

  2. Love this post! He is soooo sweet! Miss those gorgeous curls of his! Love the collage of photos from when he was first born. Amazing that at 3 months he really started to take on his look! Love him! You're such a great mummy!

    1. thank you! and i miss his curls too!!! you are so sweet :)

  3. I loved everything about this post. I know the feeling of struggling to choose just one photo of a child in a blog post. I love that photo collage you have started too.

    I was excited when our son was born. I can't wait to see what he will teach me as a parent and a person.

    1. thanks for stopping by Jackie :) yes so hard to choose when they are so cute and different in every single one huh, heehee! (in our eyes)

      oh, your boy has already taken you on so much adventure, i am sure many more good ones are to come :)

  4. I LOVE that collage. I'd almost forgotten about all that gorgeous hair he had at age 2!

  5. ALL the portraits are wonderful. I love how his big blue eyes shine out of every one. The collage is great: I wish I had the patience to do something similar (and that I hadn't left it too late!!) Looking forward to another great year following Eli and your wonderful gang. xxx


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