Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Skype with the Grandparents

Hasn't Skype made far-away-family feel so much closer? I know it has for us. And to think this wonderous technology is free and soooo easy to use (ok, sometimes a bit glitchy!).

The kids had a late afternoon chat with their grandparents in Perth. They love being able to talk to them, see them, show them their craft or latest toy, do silly songs and dances and of course pull silly faces with each other (a Lily/Grandad specialty). It's adorable. I love that the grandparents can see the kids' new hair cut, hear Eli's vocabulary explode, witness Lily's new dance moves.

A few days earlier we Skyped with my Dad in Queensland, and they got him to show them his fish and the dog via the laptop! We have done gift opening via Skype so the grandparents don't miss those priceless moments of surprised and happy faces as they scramble through layers of wrapping paper. Just soooo much better than a boring old phone call, huh?

Even across the country, I love how this technology can be used to keep family feeling close and part of every day life.... even just a casual late afternoon chat with grandparents while Daddy finishes making the pizzas. Who would have thought one day there would be remote babysitting, haha!!!

Just shooting the breeze via laptop!

'What's that, Grandad??'


  1. That is great the kids grandparents a so tech savy. I think it would take a miracle and more than a few training sessions to get ours on skype.

    1. heehee yes it did take more than a few trial and error sessions to get it all working smoothly but worth it in the end :)

  2. Skype is definitely a great invention!

  3. I totally agree, skype is pretty great at keeping kids in touch with their distant relatives. My husbands family is in the UK so it's great when the kids can chat to their grandparents and aunty over skype. The time difference can make it a bit tricky, so we don't do it as often as we would like. But when we do, the kids always get excited about it and like to show off all of their things to them, read books and sing songs. It's pretty great.


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