Sunday, 16 July 2017

a wander in the trees together

After our magical snow adventures, we spent a lovely afternoon wandering through the trees at the Arboretum (well, more scampering around, in the case of the kids!), before our dear friends had to start the long journey home. 

This little woodland elf....

Peeling paper bark from the trees...

The theme of the week soon became 'pranks', namely a (very mild and good humoured) prank-war between the boys and the girls. 

The following is a series of photos I snapped of the kids discussing previous prank successes, and then the girls whispering and giggling up up a storm, as they gleefully discussed their next attack. They were in their own world and it was so lovely to capture these unguarded moments. 

Priya and Lily have the most precious bond. They shared a room and whispered all night, played all day and just had the most delightful time together. Oh, the simple beauty of girlhood friendships.

Georgia, you are such a beautiful mum! A rare little family snap (how well coordinated are they??!) xx

We love these guys, our little twinning family, and can't wait till we can hang out again.

Oh, and Arboretum, I love you too!!


  1. Beautiful photos Kate thank you so much for the best afternoon <3

  2. Beautiful photos! You've captured so much wonder and joy!! X


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