Sunday, 9 July 2017

26.52 snow adventures // fun with friends

We live pretty close to the snow but I have admittedly been pretty slack about taking the kids there.... all that driving and snow-gear-gathering just all seemed a bit much. #lazymum

My lovely friend Georgia, her three kids and her sister drove alllll the way down from Queensland for a visit recently and they were keen to embrace a 'proper snow day'. It was the motivation I needed to make it happen and I am sooooooo glad I did. It was such a fun and magical day, the kids had a blast and we did too. It was even more fun going with our dear friends, seeing our horde of kids playing together (we have 3 sets of same age and gender duos, so it's pretty perfect!) and embracing a bit of childhood fun ourselves, sliding down a massive snow hill on our bottoms at top speed was frankly hysterical!!! 

Most of the photos I snapped on my phone and are up on my Instagram but here are the few I managed to take with frosty fingers on my big camera. 

Why walk when you can get towed, right, Florin??

Beautiful frosty Thredbo..... you can't tell in this photo properly but it was actually SNOWING!! So magical!

I promise he is not passing out from hypothermia, he is just mucking around!!! ;) As per usual!

Florin, you little snowman, are the cutest!

Making the childhood classic - snowman! With coal for eyes and carrot for nose.... #prepared

The all important placing of the nose.
This crew! They are all such good buddies and had such a fun day! Miles hugging Florin is toooooo cute!

Snowman abandoned as the kids run off to climb the hill. So sad!

This boy had sooooo much fun in the snow. Even though he was soaked by the end of it, he never once complained of the cold and just kept exclaiming 'I love snow days! It's so beautiful! Thank you Mummy for this fun day!' #melt 

Theo, speed demon!

Mark, getting some serious speed too!!! People were flying down this hill, it was so awesome!

I just love this little image. At eight, Lily is allllll about her friends, so to have a snow adventure with her little soul sister, Priya, was just a dream come true for her! They had the best fun, two little adventurers!

Well earned hot chips at the end of an incredible day!!

Thanks Georgia and Co. for a fantastic day (let's not talk about the phone incident haha!) and for motivating us to all go on such an awesome and unforgettable adventure. 
We love your beautiful family to pieces!!! xx

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

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