Sunday, 25 June 2017

24.52 little feet, big steps

My little lady, on the cusp of nine and very much in the 'tween' zone. Eager to leave 'little girl' things behind, especially anything pink and sparkly...

(oh, to think those days of fairy wings and tulle skirts were so very fleeting.... #sniffsniff). 

She is so innately ready to spread her wings (just a little), so eager to find those moments of independence, her own (small) place in the big world.

Lately, she has been asking to take a walk around the block we live on during the afternoons. Those little feet, positively itching to step out into the world on her own, just in small, manageable doses.

As a mother, I am caught between society's constant alternate messaging of  -

'You have to watch them every minute or you are a terrible, neglectful parent and something terrible will happen to them...'


'In our day, we roamed the neighbourhood till dark, no mobile phones, wild and free and exploring the world, this is how childhood should be...'

I listen to my gut and we choose the path that is right for us, freedom within boundaries.

I can see how much she needs this, she craves it and it seems intuitively right, this small and calculated risk. Loosening the apron strings, letting her venture out just a little.

So off she sets, around the block. A one-woman-exploration adventure.

Not too long later, she returns, beaming. Buzzing with the thrill of her bravery and accomplishment. Her smile is so wide, she is glowing with pride and self-satisfaction. Reports of all the animals she saw, neighbours she greeted and things she observed out in this wonderful world.

It's become a fairly regular thing, a little outing when those itchy feet need a little bit of independence. A stroll around the block. Just a small adventure in our very quiet neighbourhood, but it seems to soothe her spirit immensely.

Mission: Accomplished. 

Project 52: A portrait of my family once a week, every week, in 2015. 

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