Sunday, 4 June 2017

An Autumnal Family Day at the NGA.

For Mother's Day this year, as is our way, we celebrated with our own little tribe on the Saturday.

When Mark asked how I wanted to spend the day, after a bit of a ponder, I decided I would love us all to go explore the National Gallery of Australia together. It's been many moons since I went to just see a regular exhibition there (rather than a special temporary one) and let's be honest, I dare not take the three kids alone!! So a family outing would be perfect.

It always makes me so grateful to live in this little city, with incredible (free!) national galleries like this just there for us to explore whenever we want. Cultural spaces that are welcoming to families are so valuable and enriching! And right on our doorstep.... awesome :) 

It was the loveliest day, much more than I even dared to hope for! After a lazy morning sleep in (bliss!), breakfast in bed and a parade of children bearing home made cards and Mother's Day stall gifts, we headed out late morning.

First we checked out the wonderful new children's playspace, which had just that day opened up with a new theme by a fantastic Indigenous artist. We then had a lovely afternoon tea together at the NGA cafe, then explored the exhibits. There was so much to see, and I loved perusing it together as a family, soaking up beautiful and evocative art while also making sure little feet didn't run, little voices didn't holler and little fingers did not accidentally touch any of the precious art!!!! ;) It was quite a task... but totally worth it.

Afterwards we had a little picnic, lazed on the lawns by the Sculpture Garden, and took a last lap around the lake as the sun started to set and the chill set in. It was one of the last of the glorious Autumn afternoons and spending it with my family made it simply perfection.

I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day. Love my family for indulging my wishes and my beloved husband for coordinating it all and keeping the kids in line, haha. 

These simple days will make the richest memories x

Sprung in the Reno Rekkie playspace!

Perfecting the bottom lip, lol...

This immersive art installation was just incredible, the kids were so absorbed in the music and vision!

I fell in love with the paintings of Jeffery Smart. Just so moody and beautiful.

Now, sorry about the zillion photos of Miles frolicking in the Autumn leaves but he was just having so much fun, I couldn't help but capture them,...and then couldn't bear to cut them down!!

The price you pay for play.... scratch autumn leaves down the back of your shirt!

'I dare you to jump!'

So grateful for these blessings.

My children, this family, these precious days together.

This noble and privileged task of motherhood. A crown so weighty, that often I crumble under it. By the grace of God (and my family), we walk on together, learning and growing, crying and laughing, making memories and slow but steady progress through this one precious life together.

Their childhood might be flying by, but I am thankful that I can always call them mine, and they will always call me 'Mother'.

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