Sunday, 30 November 2014

48/52 - sleeping in doorways + hiding in wardrobes


I remember doing this very thing as a child. So desperate to keep one foot in the happenings of the household post-bedtime that I would make my little bed in the doorway. I guess such an idea must be genetic as I have been discovering this little scene rather frequently of late. Oh, funny, sweet girl.

She thinks she is ready to be a grown up, but really, she is exhausted. This huge first year of full time schooling is taking its toll, leaving us with one very tired, emotional girl who has seen and done and absorbed so much this year. She is also in the midst of a fortnight of intensive daily swim school to boot - yozwers. She is working so hard at it all, with a smile most of the time, and tears when it all gets too much, bless her dear heart. We are all looking forward to a refreshing summer holiday, that's for sure!


It's just hit me recently that this kid is going to be in Preschool next year. My little man!!! 

For us fortunate Canberra folk, that means two school days one week, and three days the next. I know he is going to love it but it is still hard for this Mama to comprehend that this kiddo is reaching school age. I mean, it feels like decades between when your first kid is born and they head to school, but the subsequent children seem to get there in a blink of an eye!?

My little whirlwind has matured in so many ways of late, heartfelt in his efforts to help and learn and do what's right. I am looking forward to getting to know my son, the big preschooler :) But, sentimental soul that I am, kinda already missing my little dude too!


Lately he is doing 'table time' for about 15-20 minutes a day... usually while Mama is trying to get dinner together ;) This wild little explorer benefits from a little containment at times, haha.

He does simple little explorations such as playing with magnets on a baking tray. He took this particular one very seriously, furrowed brow as he picked up each transport-themed magnet, made the sound of every vehicle and later enjoyed placing them in and out of a basket, over and over. His focus always amazes me!

A baby's work is never done, you know ;)


The yard work - it never ends....

PS And yes... sometimes I forget to take my weekly portrait of my hubby and need to quickly snap one  from the back door at the last minute!! Let this sub-par piccie in no way reflect the depth of my love and devotion to this fella, ok!!!?? :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

On Friday night Lily wanted to make dinner. And thus, over about an hour and a half she prepared, step by step, a most elaborate meal of wraps for the family. I couldn't decide what charmed me most, the delicate squirts of sauce on the 'fancy' plate, decorated 'just so' with fresh mint leaves, OR the charming circles of finely cut avocado??!! She kills me.

Assembling our little Christmas book collection for this year's Christmas Book Advent... so excited to wrap them up and then see the kids unwrap in a flurry each night of December :)

Two sweet fairies, the very dearest of friends, out at the park to celebrate Harper's 5th birthday.

Sarah, Harper and Lily... three happy little fairy friends :)

The delightful spread created by the talented Miss Amber! The theme chosen by Harper was 'Pearlie Fairy'; (a book series).
It was all soooooo sweet, and I think I got won over by the simple relaxed charm (and space!) of a park party!

Painting fairy wands 

Miles was centre of attention, with my dear friend Jess' son Finn taking it upon himself to 'babysit' by wheeling Miles merrily around in the pram for quite some time. Of course, the other kids had to come join in for a while too. Miles took it all in stride :)

There is rather a lot of this going on these days. The best bit is a big sister who can sit and read with him... trying to satiate his demands for books - along with his demands for potty time!!

The storystones have been rediscovered lately. The funny thing is some of the 'herb garden' ones I wrote for markers were with them, so parsley, kale and chives suddenly played a significant role in their creative story lines!! ;)

The boys latest favourite spot is the botton of Daddy's wardrobe. Usually Miles sits in their with his feet poking out but he was too quick for me to capture him. He loves his funny games, this boy :) Yes, peekaboo, I see you!!!

Can he see me??
I must be invisible?!!
Here I am!!!!

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