Sunday, 23 November 2014

47/52 - sunset strolls + school shows


After dinner at our lovely in-laws new home, we went for our first stroll up the bike path out their back gate. I only happened to have my camera with me as the house was already locked up, it only happened to be dusk, the kids just happened to insist on bringing leftover party balloons and it only happened to be the most delightful, picturesque little path. And so... a spontaneous rapid-fire photo shoot commenced as the kids raced up the path, waving their balloons...

 (Eli's popped within 5 mins, sadly!)

I have a feeling we will be taking a few more walks along this little path - felt like we were in the middle of bush land, yet in the midst of suburbia! That's Canberra for you.


This week Lily had her end of year show at school. She had the full quota of grandparents (four!), parents (two!) and siblings (two!) in attendance to cheer her on. But I think no one was prouder than her brother Eli. 

On the way out the door to the show, I snipped a few little rosebuds from our garden. After the show, Eli asked if he could give them to Lily. He put the roses behind his back carefully, then marched from the hall to the classroom (where she was being collected after the show) with utmost determination.

As soon as she appeared, he told her to close her eyes and then thrust the roses at her with gusto saying 'Lily, dis is because you did a really great job'. Cue all the surrounding parents bursting into a chorus of 'awwww' as Eli fiercely embraced his sister.

Sigh. What a devoted and loving sibling you are, little E. What a gift to your sister - and to me. 


My little rev-head. 

This kid loooooves cars, in a way neither of the other two quite have. Every morning he begs to go for a drive in the car. He spends large portions of his day zooming various cars around the house, just happily wheeling them while making various car sounds. It's pretty adorable, to see his own little interests and passions emerge :) 

(Thankfully, Daddy's vast childhood collection of matchbox cars gives him lots of options to enjoy!)


During a quiet Sunday afternoon, I peeked into the spare room to see these two busily crafting masks together. Yes, this is why he is the best father who ever fathered. 

Talk about a sweet father/daughter moment. Too cute, these cuties!! :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

Brave little lady up on stage..... singing silly songs about cleaning the house :) Her whole little Kindy job did a stellar job.

Man on a mission...

The anticipation....

My little performer who said she 'LOVED!' being on stage. She had fun and we
had fun watching her and being super proud (and noisy!) family members! :)


  1. So gorgeous! I forgot to ask you how the concert went! Sorry! I heard from Lana it was a huge success. Goodness, that boy of yours! His love for Lily is really one of the sweetest things I have witnessed. It is so pure and utterly adorable. I love the sequence of the roses heading towards Lily. Beautiful stuff. Love the shots of the nature strip and the balloons, very dreamy!
    Miles and his cars....good to know with a certain someone turning TWO soon! :)

    1. Thanks Amber! did Lana tell you about her AMAZING dancing?! It was so gorgeous :) Your comments are so lovely and oh so true, he is so devoted to his sister - well, everyone really, he is a fiercely loyal and devoted little guy, thats for sure. YES, cant believe Miles will turn two soon and thankfully I have a clue what to get the 3rd child who already has so much, lol :)

  2. Oh my gosh. The little flowers behind his back is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!

    1. thanks sara and i knoooooow, makes me melt every time i think of it and his determined little march to present his gift :)

  3. Awwww! Eli and Lily's sibling love is such an encouragement to me. xx

    1. thanks velle! just you wait - many such sweet moments ahead. honestly, the love between siblings was one of the greatest delights of parenthood that i just never anticipated - how it just melts you completely. yes there are certainly rough patches too but the purity of that sibling bond is something incredble to witness. cant wait to see Arddun and Baby boy together :)

  4. That flower story may have brought a tear to my eye. What a beautiful thing. I'm sure those two will be good friends for life and how precious to know they had each other's back since the beginning! Love Rosie

    1. thanks sweet rosie :) i pray they will all three always be each others friends and fiercest defenders in their big lives ahead x

  5. Oh those balloon pictures are just beautiful - and I'll admit I said Aww to the roses too, what a great brother!


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