Tuesday, 4 November 2014

44/52 - the japanese candle festival


We journeyed out to the Japanese Candle Festival at Nara Park, an annual family outing that gets better every year, it seems. The crowds seem to grow each time too - well over ten thousand people this year - crowded but very festive! A celebration of all things Japanese, it is a fascinating evening, with so much to see and do and explore, followed of course by hundreds of softly glowing candles after dusk.

My sweet girl takes extra pleasure in this event, as our family expert on all things Japanese :) She learns Japanese at school and constantly amazes me at all the things she knows and can say! She enjoyed her role as resident expert, instructing us all through the evening ;) 


He had such a ball. Crowds of people, a hundred things to do, family fun time, he just loves it all. 

And I love this photo, this proud and slightly cheeky little grin encapsulates him perfectly. 


I love how his Daddy makes sure he gets to really see and soak up the experience too. Miles was rather pleased with his new perspective on the world :)


He is such a devoted father. Lily asked him to swing in the hammock with her, and so he did. There was much giggling, tickling and chatting as they swung through a quiet Sunday afternoon. How blessed she is with a Dad like this x

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

You can't hit up a Japanese festival without enjoying the food! The yakisoba with dried seaweed and pickled ginger was yummo. There was this insanely long line (4 times as long as any other) for these octopus dumplings called takoyoki. Mmm, no thanks :)

Entranced by an amazing drumming demonstration! They were mimicking the rhythm for ages.
Tying a knot with concentration, adding to the 'wishes, hopes, dreams and prayers' tree
'I wish for everything is Japanese' (!!!!)

'Here, Daddy, let me sprinkle this grass on your head!'

Enchanted by this man's dance/writing! We also watched a great display making sticky rice in a gigantic pestle.
Hanging out down by the lake as the sun goes down...it was perfect weather, not blowing a gale like last year!

Grass stained knees tell of a fun day of play

The world's best Dad spent 40 minutes in line to get the kid's a green tea ice cream that they had begged for.
And then they didn't really like the flavour. Arggghhhhhhhh ;) 
The sun sets and the candles are lit.... nestled in the Japanese gardens over little grassy knolls and dried creek beds, it's an enchanting scene!

Who knew Japanese country was a thing? A duo ended the night with a concert and had us all dancing, it was fantastic! A great crowd for a great event. We were all enjoying the night so much we didn't leave till 9pm. Everyone was happy and dancing and it was just one of those little moments you don't want to break the magic of. Dancing the night away with our little tribe in the warm spring evening. Sometimes outings w kids end in tears for everyone, but this one was a real winner ;) Just a sweet fun time for everyone. Love it.
Tickles and giggles - and a whole lot of love x
Our kitchen garden is growing.. dare I say flourishing?! The spinach is so sweet, the kids gobble it straight from the veggie patch :)

Those little half moons. I do love them!
Nan and Eli have discovered a shared love of puzzles. It's gorgeous to see them quietly working away together at the table :) These are precious memories being assembled here!
This gorgeous kid has some mad threading skillz. He was pretty pleased with himself and didn't want to stop :)
So. Much. Concentration.


  1. So gorgeous Kate! Your pictures have been AMAZING since you got that new fancy camera!
    LOVE the ones of Mark and Lily in the Hammock. xxx

    1. thanks so much amber, i am so tickled to see you pop by these days w your limited time! still learning slowly but trying to give this camera a good run!!!

  2. I was going to say the same thing! Just amazing. I LOVE the one of the birds. So beautiful. Actually they are all beautiful :) :)

    1. aw thanks kate!! you are so sweet. the birdie shot was a VERY lucky snap indeed ;) the colours were stunning though, huh. thanks for your encouragement xx

  3. Awesome threading!! And great light in the earlier photos too!!

    1. thanks talia for your comment!! yeah, poor dear 3rd kid, sometimes im amazed at all he can do, not just the baby anymore!!! :)


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