Thursday, 25 September 2014

cousins x nine, all in a line

Just a few more photos to wrap up our beach week... and then I'm done, promise!! ;)

The kids loved walking Miles up and down this little path next to our cabin. Miles loved it too! And in their PJs no less ;)

There were several lizards (I am sure there is a more precise name?!) spotted creeping around the rocks in front of our cabins. The kids were determined to catch/pat one and spent a good half hour one morning, doing their best to track one down. I just love seeing the kids lost in their little world like this. Ah, childhood.

'Hmmmm, any lizards lured into my bucket of tasty leaves yet. No??? I can't believe this isn't working!!'

Waiting patiently with a paper towel, to capture the lizard. It was a long wait. Mmmm, any guesses if this venture was successful? Heehee, they were not too discouraged, most of the fun was in trying!

Grubby, sleepy face

At the end of a long day, we attempted to get a shot of the cousins together. They weren't all thrilled with our great idea, but they sat for the photo, and with nine kids ages six and under, let's call that a WIN!!!! And aren't they adorable?! What a clan!
Sam (2), Miles (1), Eli (4), Lily (6), Frankie (5m), Alaia (2), Alex (2), Joseph (2), Violet (6m). 
Guess which two were most particularly unimpressed with our photo shoot? For some unknown reason, my little ray of sunshine Miles was NOT pleased, and Alex had his bottom lip to clearly state his displeasure. Awww ;)
Although sadly not a part of each other's daily lives, these nine are so blessed to have each other. So many fun adventures ahead!
Much happier now, running free, leaping off the sand dune! If only you could hear the happy shrieks and giggles :)

The triplets plan their attack!
Joseph was so impressed with Eli's flying leap...

Getting some air!
Like peas in a pod

L&E discovered that rolling down the hill together was hysterically funny. Rinse and repeat one hundred times! They also tried rolling down while laying head to head and holding hands as they spun. Funny kiddos :)
Our last night - we had to have the compulsory fish and chips on the beach of course! This is what fish and chips for twenty people looks like!!! Eli takes an anticipatory peek :)

Ahhh, it was a wonderful week. Already feels like forever ago. Happy little beach days, great memories with family.... good times :)


  1. Oh the pictures of all nine of them together are just adorable! And how lovely to have a group of cousins growing up together so close in age!

    1. thanks Carie! Yeah, it so fun having such a clan of little cousins - so much fun in years to come. They dont get to see each other much but love it when they do. x


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