Thursday, 18 September 2014

37/52 - long and lazy beach days


'Lily is Speshl'

Yes, you are, baby girl, yes, you are. 

I love discovering these remnants of play, from our wonderful family-filled week on the beach. This girl had the time of her life, running wild and free on the beach all week, with cousins galore to accompany her. She takes her role of oldest cousin so seriously, watching out for all the many babies and toddlers!


My little 'old man' partaking in his morning ritual of surveying the ocean for whales or dolphins with his 'binocleyers'.

(On the last morning we spotted some dolphins, and must shrieking and squealing followed - mostly from me!)


Hard at work, digging in the sand. 

He turned into such a big boy during these holidays, but those squishy little cheeks betrays his status as my forever baby. FOREVER, I SAY!! ;)


We celebrated Father's Day by the beach. 

And what better way to celebrate than being woken early by your horde of children, a delicious breakfast in bed and then a looooong morning sleep in? 

This was topped off with a day chilling out on the beach and yummy Indian take away for dinner. A good day for Dads and for the whole clan. It was awesome to celebrate the many wonderful Dads in our family on this day too :)

As always, I am ridiculously thankful for this fella. The father he is to our Trio just takes my breath away. A loving, fun, wise, engaged, gentle, hard working father, who is truly present for his family and involved in every aspect of family life. Some say you don't know what you've got till it's gone (well, the Counting Crows say that, anyway!), but we know now. We really do. We got a good one :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week.

More highlights from the week that was...

(Before the trip)
Little scenes that make my heart smile.... like noticing three little toothbrushes clustered in the bathroom.
Thankful for three cheery little grins in our home!

My little kitchen assistants

Just days before we went to the coast, a big milestone occured in our family. Mark's lovely parents moved to Canberra,
all the way from Perth, after many years of planning. It is the dawn of a new era for our family - how happy and blessed we are to have them here with us!! The kids, needless to say, are crazy-excited :) They are living with us while house hunting and it's so nice to have have an abundance of time instead of fleeting visits. Grandparents are the best, I tell ya!

Off to Kiama. It was a little rainy on the afternoon we arrived, but thankfully not for the rest of the week! The kids were
happy to take the opportunity for a little puddle splashing :)

Waking Dad up for cuddles on Father's Day - surprise, Daddy!! ;) 
A little Father's Day gift. The kids had so much fun painting the cardboard letters and the frames. Perfect for Dad's desk
at work! Note that I didn't even attempt to get a shot of all three of them holding their letter together - I knew that was
never going to happen!!!! :)

Sprung - sand flinging!! Thankfully this was a very rare occurance :)

It was amazing to have seven days with the beach literally on our door step. So easy to stroll down for a sand session then back to the cabin whenever we pleased. Luxury, I tell ya! Felt so relaxed and the kids just played endlessly in nature's sandbox.

I wanted to capture the smattering of sand on his cheek, and he gives me his best Blue Steel.
This is the holidays of childhood: A sand and chocolate covered happy face.
The big project for the week: the kids took it upon themselves to dig this huge hole - then attempted to build a bridge
over the hole!

Auntie Alex organised a fun treasure hunt for the kids one afternoon. Picture seven little kids who rarely get sugar gleefully tearing around the grass hunting down lollies!!! It was adorable. This is one of the triplets digging into his bounty :)

Surveying 'bridge' progress.

They assured me it was a bridge but it sure was starting to look like a camoflauged booby trap to me!! ;) Thankfully no one was lured in!
The more I learn to trust my kid's risk-taking judgement, the more fascinating it is to watch them assess situations on their own. I sat quietly while Lily announced she was going to test the bridge for walking on. She gingerly put out a foot, felt the bridge start to bow, and decided for herself that it wasn't strong enough. 

Our little row of cabins. It was so perfect to be right on the beach for the kids to run and play, to be right next to each other
so we could easily visit and hang out but still have our own space. We couldn't get the two-story place as it was already booked, but we had the other five cabins here and it was just wonderful!

Speaking of risk taking!! This little monkey clambered up this rock face, with me
making my way behind her. I loved watching her confidence as she carefully assessed
and made her way to the top without fear. It's so easy to hold our kids back by
undermining or 'be careful'-ing them back from their desire to explore. The more
I stand back, the more I realise how capable they are of making really 
good choices about what they can safely do. 
The best spot on the beach was this little sandbank. The kids looooved rolling, sliding, jumping and leaping down it, with
such a soft landing. They must have gone up and down it hundreds of times!

Having the time of his life, throwing himself down the sandbank!

Happiest when he is flying free!! 

The boys - getting some air!

Mark was laughing at my little sis and I, dressed almost identically in our uggs, cardigans and big scarves. What can I say,
it's our standard beach attire ;) He insisted on getting a couple shots and I'm glad he did, I love these!
PS How cute is my new little niece Frankie?! 

Locking eyes with cutie pie Alaia.

Sigh. Such a happy, beautiful place. Already can't wait to get back there!!!

Well, that is probably enough beach shots for one post!! Will wrap up the rest in another post shortly, I think. I thought I didn't take many photos, but guess I did ;)

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