Sunday, 28 September 2014

39/52 - a gappy smile and a splash


Oh, that adorable gap!! 

Yes, she finally lost one of her front teeth (the other one is not far behind). Oh, my heart. Even though she has already lost the bottom two, losing the top tooth just got me. I mean, who cares about the bottom teeth, right?! But those front teeth - just losing one has left the cutest little (big!) gap, it's changed her whole face, and it's transformed her voice into a ridiculously cute lisp. She will be a whole new grown up lady when those front teeth come in. But for right now - she is just one very proud little gappy-toothed girl.


My happy helper. 

Every day when we go to pick up his sister from Kindy, he is just sooooo excited to see her again. He has lately taken it upon himself to be the 'door man'. Five minutes before the bell even rings, he pulls open the super-heavy door through which the Kindy classes exit, and patiently holds it open till the bell rings and the class comes streaming out. 'Oh, thank you for helping' says Lily's teacher every day, in response to Eli's cheery smile. 

As soon as Lily emerges, he throws his arms around her in glee, reunited with his best buddy at last. What a little darling.

(iPhone pic)


Our whole tribe went to the pool this week, to watch Lily and Eli do their final swim class for the term, then we had a family splash around in the pool. It was so lovely to all play in the water together (Daddy too - he usually takes Lily and Eli to class). 

Miles was pretty fascinated with the whole pool environment and I was pretty impressed with those adorable little chicken legs toddling around... it's been many months since it's been warm enough to have those little pins on view!

He was in awe of the big pool and it was just gorgeous to swim with him and see him enjoying floating around. His giggles were as cute as his mass of wet ringlets. A lot more pool sessions to come - bring it on!!


Hard at work at the kitchen sink, once more!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

The 'tooth fairy' was extra generous due to the grandparents being in town ;)

Stolen property

And there she goes...

Inspired by this lovely post on block play by my lovely friend at Happiness is Here, I laid out this little 'invitation' for the kids with blocks, glass beads, felt, sticks and a mirror...
The next morning this little city appeared :)
One of the many blessings of having my in-laws living with us at the moment is that the school day hairstyles have suddenly gotten a lot more elaborate thanks to the efforts of Nan! Braids and bows and all the things I don't have time, talent or patience for! Needless to say, Lily is loving it and it is just precious to see these daily rituals form between grandparent and


  1. I love the gappy smiles, she just looks so very happy - and the tooth fairy comes with glitter it seems, I shall have to remember that when our turn comes in a few years time!

    1. thanks so much Carie - yes she was VERY pleased with her little gap and a lost tooth :) thinks herself rather grown up ;) my girl loves glitter so just a little sparkle added :)


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