Saturday, 23 November 2013

47/52 - more fete, more fun, more everything (except sleep)


Lily, Miles and I had a hectic 24 hours together, entirely dictated by Lily's social calendar. Clearly, I don't need my own anymore, right? ;) Mark was out of town, and Eli had a sleepover at Nana's which meant just me with my oldest and my youngest. A rare and different combination!

Our first event was Lily's school Fete. Classic fun fete times, with a different twist by being actually part of that school community for the first time! After the weather turned unexpectedly arctic, I bought Lily a second hand school jumper for $5 from a stall. My sentimental heart was not emotionally prepared to see her so adorably swamped in her too-big school jumper, but it was still pretty darn adorable!

She ran wildly around with preschool friends who seemed to appear from in and out of the woodwork, and they spun and spun on the tea cup ride in absolute glee.

I think the smile on her face says it all!


Picking his own snack.

At Lily's preschool they have a gorgeous low-hanging Mulberry tree. At this time of year
there is always a swarm of kids under it, plucking those juicy dark berries, reaching high into the branches for those tantalisingly out of reach treasures! They are full of ingenuity, using tyres and stools if needed, and so savvy at only choosing the ripe ones. Eli is always so excited to check the tree after school and partake of its glorious bounty. 

 (blurry iphone pic!)


We were outside and it was a little sunny, so I asked Lily to fetch Miles a hat.

She couldn't find one, so my resourceful girl decided to whip one up at her craft table. She measured his head and everything! Of course, we had come inside by the time it was done, but Miles kindly donned it anyway.

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

More highlights from the week that was...

High on life or fete food? You decide ;)
(Actually, all she had was a sausage sandwich, but this sure looks like a Fairy Floss Face!!)

Can't get enough of this joyful beam that whipped around at me at every rotation :)

Chillin' with her girls :)

She is still little, right??!

After the fete, Lily, Miles and I went straight to our church building where a Girl's Sleepover was being hosted. Organised by an amazing lady (Penny!) who happens to be one of my favourite people, it was something special not to be missed. Extra special because as a teen I had also attended sleepovers at the church building (organised by the same amazing woman) and have such fond memories of those nights. 

A gaggle of girls gathered together for an evening of fun and encouragement. Miles was permitted to be the token boy ;)  It was such a sweet evening, surrounded by a mixture of females, aged from five to fifty(ish!), sharing laughter and quality time and junk food and memories. I am so grateful my daughter gets to be surrounded by such a supportive, loving community of amazing ladies. We sang together, prayed and shared things we were grateful for. Then we all danced around with coin scarves Penny had brought along, jumping and twirling and laughing louder than the jingle of the coins. It was a classic moment! Lily looked in awe the whole time at all these shenanigans! :) 

And yes, everyone eventually settled down to sleep and yes, I did sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, which made me feel rather like a teenager again! (Miles slept wonderfully, thankfully). 

Both amazed and slightly confused ;)

The next morning, bleary eyed, we all arose and ate a delicious pancake breakfast together. Then, Lily, Miles and I went right on to our third social event in a row - the birthday party of Lily's sweet school friend. She was undoubtedly tired (as was I!) but we rallied through a lovely little party that included face painting and lots of fun.

We all slept very well at home in our beds that night - united with both Eli and Mark once more. Three was fun, but five is as it should be!

A tired little butterfly

Must be more comfortable than it looks!

I read recently that blowing raspberries is an essential part of speech development. Well, whatever part of speech that's
developing is getting well and truly mastered by Master Miles over the last couple months!! (Just don't get caught in the
cross fire!).

Miles was very excited to see the Christmas Box dragged out of the shed! (Or perhaps just excited about ripping the duct tape from the tub?) Yes, Christmas preparations are in earnest around here and I am super duper excited for the fun of the season ahead! :) 


  1. I am exhausted just reading. Great commentary on the week that was Kate. Your use of words Is amazing - keep it up :). Love Lily's face on the tea cup ride, and that hair ! where did all of that come from :)
    Love to all Marg xx

    1. i know - her hair was whipping around wildly in the wind and suddenly seemed to grow 5 inches!

  2. Woah, what a busy weekend you had (sorry I don't think I asked you in detail about it when I saw you). Jam-packed! Lily looks like a seasoned party/event hopper ;) Love that Miles tagged along for the fun and just slotted in beautifully (as always).
    Those shot of Lily in the school jumper is so gorgeous. So many years ahead for that little girl (and you) in that jumper. Must have been a little hard to see you "little" girl ready for such "big" things :)
    Great shots this week Kate :)

    1. yes Lily could party hope for weeks on end i think... though she gets more tired than she realises, of course ;) i knoooow, so cute in her school jumper!!!

  3. I LOVE the story and photo about Miles and his homemade hat. What a clever and sweet big sister! I also adore that first photo of Lily. Yep, you said it, that smile says it all. And I can't forget about Lily the butterfly - gorgeous! I love her eyes and dark hair. Lastly, just what does Miles think he is doing down in the floor up on his knees looking at that box?!?! He can't be that old yet, can he?!? Time sure flies.

    Lovely post, Kate. I really enjoyed all of it.

    1. thanks for your lovely comment Faith! heehee yes Lily is a very sweet big sis and i just love the way they dote on each other :) i KNOW - miles is getting so big! 10 months now. he is actually not even properly crawling yet i think cos he knows he can get around and up in other ways ;)

  4. Lily's expressions on that teacup ride? Priceless! You've captured pure joy there Kate. Well done.
    And, uh, I hope you are having a nice peaceful weekend at home after all that craziness. I'm exhausted just reading about it!

    1. thanks Tarnya!! yes i was so happy to capture that beaming smile every time she whipped around on the tea cups. she was pretty excited :) and YES i definitely needed a big rest after, I can't keep up these days, haha! xx


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