Tuesday, 19 November 2013

moving pictures of little moments

I have been pretty slack in taking videos of the kids over the years. I try to take snippets here and there but often forget when taking photos instead. I caught a few clips recently that I thought I would post here in the spirit of them not getting lost in the vortex that is my computer folders.

Photos are fabulous and all that, but there is something about video (ahhh, moving pictures, the magic!) - they convey those cute little voices, the mannerisms, the spirit of the child. Growing up in the 80's (woot!), we were pretty lucky to have a video camera as my Dad was so into gadgets ;) Watching those hours of home movies from back in the day is pretty cool (and embarrassing - but still cool).

So here are a few snippets of my three from recent weeks...


The last couple months we have been playing audio books on CD for the kids at bed time. For various reasons - exposure to books via audio is so good for their concentration and comprehension skills, it helps tone down some of the potential bedtime-monkey-antics if they have something to listen to, and most of all, an opportunity for Words of wisdom to soak into their little hearts.

They have been listening to Max Lucado's The Story for Children Bible.... I had heard them repeat snippets here and there, but all of a sudden one night at dinner, Lily busted out a verbatim retelling of the story of Genesis. Over six minutes worth. I had no idea!! Needless to say, we were pretty impressed :) And so was she 'I'm so proud of myself' she kept saying :)

Oh, and you can overhear Eli who wanders into the room inserting 'Read by Max Potato' (instead of Lucado. Ha!!). He has memories a fair bit too!


This simple and sweet little clip just captures Eli so well right now. Merrily singing to himself whilst sitting at the Craft Table and sticking pins into cork mats (his new favourite activity). I love watching him, so unselfconscious, singing away, making up rhymes (he loves rhyming) and amusing himself, with a little playing up to the camera too. Such a ham. Such a treasure! I love when he course-corrects his song half way through.

Just a chilled out, happy little moment of the boy I just adore.


Just a little funny clip of our little ray of sunshine working hard to make himself heard in the midst of our noisy family! This kid can be LOUD ;)


Whilst sharing clips, I just had to share this cute one of the kids enjoying pizza dinner with Finn and Harper when they came for a sleepover recently. They were nattering away (quietening down when I stopped to film of course). But I just love their sweet interactions and group checks about how much sauce they have on their faces. Lily has taken it as a point of pride to be able to eat any food without getting it all over her face. I think this in deliberate contrast to...er... her brother (yes, him with sauce all over his face!).

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