Tuesday, 12 November 2013

miles // nine months in, nine months out

Seriously, Mum? Nine months?!

Master Miles is nine months old, and now in that last busy little quarter before he hits the glorious 'One'.

Seriously, I am getting so bad at doing these updates - it's almost the next month before I get the month written up! But, persevere I must, as this is the closest my little man will get to a Baby Book... and there are just three months to go of monthly updates so surely I can reach the finish line?! ;)

So - let's chat about MILES... This update is all about when he was eight months old....


He is doing great on two naps these days, except for school days when I have to wake him up so early (always so sad!), so on those days he gets a little cat nap. But generally the day looks like this...

7.30am - Wake, feed, play
9.15am -11.30am - NAP
11.30am - Feed, play, solids
1.30pm - 3.30/4pm - NAP
4ish-pm -Feed, play
5.30pm - dinner with family, top up breastfeed before bed
7.30pm - BED (Sleeps through the night)

Milestones and More

Miles now has the princely sum of four teeth - yes, those top two teeth fiiiiinally broke through, first the left then the right just a couple days later. His grin is so chompy and cute :) Teeth 5 and 6 (on both sides of top two) are also now piercing the skin so the kid will have a mouth full of little chompers in no time!

He is rolling and scootching all around the room - poor boy has got himself stuck under the couch or coffee table several times!! He is not crawling yet.... just too chilled for that ;) He is doing all the rocking on knees and what not, and often throws himself forward to try and get going places, but just not quite got the strength (or determination) to actually crawl yet. He will get there when he is good'n'ready, and in the mean time, I will enjoy him staying in one zone, haha! He can sit for a while unassisted but mostly prefers to be free to play on his back/tummy.

He is a very communicative little boy. I love engaging with him and he loves it too. Cheeky boy loves to play games and even initiates them. If we are snuggling, he will look up at me, give that playful smile and give a little jump and say 'Boo' to which of course I respond and back and forth we go. He has also started shaking his head and making a sound which sounds a LOT like 'No, no'. I was quite confused about where he got this as it's not like I have had any need to say 'No' to him at this stage!! Then I remembered he has two older siblings who rather...ahh...shall we say, enjoy their older status and tend to give big shakes of their heads with a gentle but authoritative 'No, no, Baby Miles' at the slightest imaginary infraction (such as accidentally rolling in the direction of the DVD player). Poor kid ;)

Miles also still thinks Baby Sign Language is the funniest thing ever. He cracks up when ever I sign 'More' and copies the sign, and saying 'Mo Mo'. He has even initiated the sign (and word!) once or twice! But I am not convinced he knows what it means just yet, but he is definitely getting the association. Like Eli, I have a feeling he will be jumping to just saying the words and not actually needing the signs pretty quickly, but we will stick with the signing just in case.

Breastfeeding is still going fine although Mr Nosey is highly distractible so I have to really keep things quiet (eg older kids away) so he can focus on feeding!! Baby Led Weaning is going great. He chows down like a maestro on whatever is set before him. His appetite is really growing - can eat a whole banana plus whatever else is going. He has now mastered the 'Pincer Grip' which opens the door to all kinds of food possibilities - including frozen peas for teething babies - always a winner! Love having him as part of our family dinners.

His hair is getting blonder and curlier every day! Ohhhh, I am loving those whispy locks and hope they get ringlets like Eli's. He is still just the happiest, cheeriest, calmest, most adorable and snuggly little man. Rolls with the family schedule, gets toted here and there, sleeps wherever we go, gets manhandled by his siblings and nary a complaint. He is just happy to be part of things.

My boy is a true bundle of joy, and any interaction with him just brings so much happiness. A laugh is always at the tip of his tongue, that twinkle in his eye always sparking - he is truly our delight  He makes us all so happy and I just can't stop 'wasting time' exchanging kisses and laughs and cuddles with my beautiful little boy whilst other less important things linger. These are sweet days, and these 'wasted moments' are the most precious ones of all, aren't they!?

Nine precious months! The nine months I was pregnant with you, sweet Miles, were some of the hardest days - but you have more than made them worth it. The nine months you have been here have been pure delight. You bring sunshine wherever you go and we all just adore you to pieces, beloved little prince xx

PS So many people have asked me where I got these gorgeous number singlets from! Well, they were actually a gift - my dear friend Tarnya ironed the number decals onto singlets - cute, huh?! I don't know where she got them but if you are after something similar, head to www.Etsy.com (ummmm, I love Etsy!!) and search for 'Baby Monthly Milestone Stickers' and you will find HEAPS of options... such as this one and this one! Hope that helps xx


  1. Oh he is growing so fast Kate! His hair is really lightening, did you give it a trim too? He seems to really be growing into himself if you know what I mean. These are some of the best times in this first year don't you think? 8/9 month olds are so fun and interactive. Oh these third babies are something special :)

    1. hey andi :) thanks for your lovely comments, i love it when you stop by!!! yesss i had to trim a bit of Miles hair as it was starting to look like a toupee with dark long strands over the blonde, haha :) yes its such a gorgeous age, i agree and you KNOW i agree about these miraculous, gorgeous, amazing 3rd babies - arent they the best?!!! :)

  2. Re the singlets: I made the numbers in photoshop, printed them onto iron-on printer paper, cut them out and ironed them on. I probably still have the file for the numbers somewhere if anyone wants it. You just need to buy the iron-on printer paper (Lincraft or Officeworks) and you're away.

    1. you designed them yourself?? another talent, clever Mama! you should set up an Etsy store and make a motza (sp??!) :)


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