Friday, 24 May 2013

miles.tones // four months

Happy Four Months to Mister Miles!

When taking his four month photos, I gave up on awkwardly propping him on the couch especially when I realised not only was he looking very uncomfortable but he tends to fold his hands so I couldn't see the monthly numbers. Kicking myself a little because now the series of photos won't have the same background but... yeah... oh well!?

At least now he is free to kick and squirm and laugh with abandon...

My, how he grows...


Well, it really feels like my boy is growing up, now he is out of the first three months (newborn stage) and bursting through so many levels of development. He is able to stay awake longer (about 75-90 minutes) and is doing all kinds of new things. We have (on most days) dropped the fourth nap as his wake time has extended, so his general routine looks something like....

7.30am - Wake, Feed, Play
9.00am - Nap (on Lily's school days I try to keep him up till after school drop-off, otherwise he naps more like 8.30am).
11.00 am - Wake, Feed, Play
12.30pm - Nap
2.30pm - Wake, Feed, Play
4.00 pm - Nap
5.30pm - Wake, Feed, Play
7pm - Bedtime
10.30pm - Dreamfeed and Sleep through the night...

We have mostly dropped the double-dream feed... occasionally he still wakes and wants a feed at about 8.30pm... and one night I fed him at 9pm then experimented with not waking him later and he slept from 9pm to 6.30am! But as I would rather he go through to 7.30am, I am going to just keep at the later dreamfeed of 10.30pm for now.

Miles.tones and More...

Miles is full of laughter, chuckles, smiles and 'talking'. He coos and smirks and conveys so much with his eyes... I love his little curious looks. He is so wriggly and can scootch and squirm his way all around a rug, like 360 degrees and quite a way forwards too by kicking his legs around. He is desperately trying to roll (especially back to front) but not quite there yet. He loves his hands and sucks madly on them a lot of the time... and loves to bat at and grab toys.

When he has free play on the blanket, it is fascinating to peer at him unobserved and see the wonder with which he touches, crinkles and bats at toys... the world is just full of amazing things for him to explore. I am giving him lots of time and space to explore and develop at his own pace - without propping, pushing or leading. So as tempting as it is to nudge him over into a full roll on the rug when I see him kicking his legs... (milestone pressure!), I know that the journey of working out how to do it himself is much better than me hurrying him into it. Having older kids too... I know this lesson applies to so much of parenting. Giving them space to learn and fail and push themselves under their own initiative. It requires trust and patience on my part (hard!) so... we are both learning!

Some of our sweetest moments are during feed times, when he catches my eye and suddenly starts grinning up at me... *melt* that look of love just Cannot.Be.Beat.

He is our happy, sweet, cheerful little boy and oh, I adore him. Everywhere we go people comment on how calm and happy he seems... and he truly is. Love mothering this kiddo.

I love you dearly, Little Bear. You are our sunshine xx

Miles gives his best Duck Face

Even better...The Kissy Face.

Rockin' his Baby Mohawk like a boss!

By peering at him over the top of the camera and acting like a monkey, I managed to
distract him from the big black camera and capture the adorable smile I get to see all day!

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