Sunday, 19 May 2013

20/52 - a mother's day, simple + sweet


Ready to adventure.


He saw a bird. 

Everything in this beautiful world of ours amazes him. 


Is there anything like this moment? 

I snuggle with my boy at a Mother's Day afternoon tea with my wonderful extended family. He slowly releases himself to sleep, perchance to dream while we 'grown-ups' laugh and chat. The noise bubbles around him, easing him to slumber. All the tension releases from his body, transforming him into that soft little 'sack of flour', perfectly molded to my shoulder. He permanently imprints both my heart and my body with his adorable baby shape. Rubbing his back, and occasionally sniffing that sweet head, I can't help but wonder when it will be the last time that my precious child will sleep like this in my arms. 

To hold your sleeping baby is one of the most delicious and blessed privileges. I savour these moments of babyhood, for they are precious and fleeting.

More highlights from the week that was....

Mother's Day weekend. It was lovely. I was so thankful for a weekend of rest, fun and a little extra appreciation from my family. Mark granted me a weekend off from (most of) the nitty-gritty of mothering, which was much-needed and much-appreciated! I spent quite a bit of it relaxing (guilt-free!) in bed. He took care of the kids and cleaned the house... wahoo! Everything was lovely and just as I'd wanted.... or in the least, it was well-intentioned! ;) (You mama's know what I'm sayin', right!?). In our family we have a tradition of celebrating Mother/Father's Day on the Saturday with our little clan, so that on Sunday we can go to church and focus on celebrating our parents without feeling pulled away from our own little family celebration. Of course, it ends up being pretty much a whole weekend of celebration and why-on-earth-not?! :) Usually around this time I would also be popping out for my highly-anticipated annual retreat, but due to a teeny baby still in my arms, I will wait until later in the year for that. It will be worth the wait!

The weekend was full of simple (but oh-so-anticipated) joys like a sleep-in, and breakfast delivered to me in bed with much giggling and sideways-glances from the kids at the tasty treats on the tray. Lily asked when it was going to be Kid's Day. I smirked and told her that every day was Kid's Day (just as my mother had always told me when I asked the same question!). A gorgeous family portrait drawn by the kids was delivered along with a card listing all the things they loved about me - this was my favourite thing! Later that morning we headed out to explore the Sculpure Garden at the Art Gallery and to stroll around Lake Burley Griffin, enjoying coffee and a stunning day amidst the gorgeous Autumn leaves. An afternoon relaxing and reading in bed (so indulgent!), and take away dinner made a delightful day. On Sunday after church, we visited with my family and celebrated my Grandmother, and later made a bevy of calls to our wonderful mothers who are currently all around the country. 

I remember as a child wondering why my beloved Mum didn't want me to spend my hard-earned $2 on a classy perfume from the school Mother's Day stall and instead always insisted she loved handmade stuff by us the best of all. How could this be, I wondered - why would she want our scrappy handmade stuff when she could have a lovely purchased gift. Now I am a mother and am thankful to now know what she knew. For Mother's Day I don't want to buy into the commercialism and I don't want or need piles of gifts to feel loved. I just want time with my family, I want time to rest and reflect, and most of all I want those scrappy little handmade cards.

May it never be said about me that 'she didn't know how good she had it'. I know. I know. God has blessed me abundantly with an embarrassment of riches... to be 'mother' to these precious three. In all its glory, challenges, failings, exhaustions, frustrations, and sweet moments, I am grateful. It is a calling and a title I am beyond proud to wear... and to live... every day for the rest of my life.

Greeted by a bunch of blessings in the morning makes a happy (but still groggy - ha!) mother. 

Exploring the Sculpture Garden at the National Art Gallery

'Umm... is this supposed to be fun?'

Overexposed but still a sweet moment with 2./3 of my cherubs. 

Family Portrait by Lily... heehee!

Me and my Girl x

Love this city...
Mark took the kids grocery shopping (good man!) and when they spotted the aisles of flowers the kid went crazy with excitement and begged to buy some for me (well played, Supermarket Marketing Team, well played). Lily happily selected some gorgeous yellow roses (love!) and Eli picked the balloon he is madly waving that says 'You're Special'. The sweetest thing was how they barrelled inside to present them to me, shrieking 'HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!'. *melt*

My little ray of Sunshine...his throaty, gaspy, little chuckle is pure delight. Such a happy, happy boy.

A rainy and quiet day was perfect for experimenting with home-made facepaint. Just corn flour, food colouring, a little water and lotion mixed up quickly for a lot of messy fun! Even I got a makeover, haha.

These days he is constantly sucking his perfectly-folded hands. Drooling like mad too. Teething already?!
She made herself a kite and was thrilled when the breeze waved it around a little.
Ain't nothing better than watching her creativity unfold...

Story time (with a gorgeous book that was Mark's as a kid) with my three most precious blessings...
what better way to end a Mother's day?


  1. Super, super sweet! love it! Happy belated Mother's day to you! xo

  2. Love the way you guys celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day over the whole weekend. Think I'll have to take that one on board for our own family. Lily is looking so grown up and so pretty. She is going to grow into a gorgeous lady! Eli is such a cool dude! Love how he always wants to play and be amongst it all. And miles, oh sweet baby miles, I just love him. I love holding babies when they turn to sacks of flour, it's the sweetest!
    Happy Mother's Day to you, one of the best mothers I know. Xxxx

  3. Gosh, Kate I never tire of reading your words. Your reflections on Miles' baby days and mother's day are so sweet and true.
    There are so many beautiful moments in this post - where do I start?
    Eli's 52 portrait is wonderful and does show how toddlers look at our world. Perfect to capture and tuck away and look at when he is older.
    Miles sleeping on your should is precious and your bedroom Mother's day greeting is so lovely.
    Oh and that shot of the lake - wow! The clouds! Awesome shot.
    Another great week of photos and memories Kate :)

  4. Lovely. What a beautiful day and I love your perspective. It inspires me!!!!

    PS. The fall leaves totally threw me for a loop! I forgot it's the opposite season where you live, teehee! :)

  5. Fantastic series of photos. Those red autumn colours are -amazing-. I love the photos that you are in also.

  6. Your little one has the best baby mohawk! Great photos.

  7. I love your overexposed family photos! They are gorgeous. And you're right, there's nothing better than that relaxed, full weight of a sleeping baby.

  8. I love this, what a special mother's day with your beautiful children. I just ADORE the idea about 'things I love about Mummy', I'm nabbing that idea for father's day later this year...
    Oh how I love Canberra too, and your image of the lake and the Carillon is stunning :)

  9. Love this mother day series!!


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