Saturday, 11 May 2013

19/52 - a boy, a brother and a bee


My getting-so-big girl gets ready to go on a late Friday night shopping session with Daddy (just quietly, I think they were looking for a Mother's Day gift even though I always say *no bought gifts* for Mother's Day!). 

Daddy dressed her up too - I was impressed with the cute outfit he put together!

She was super-dooper excited to be heading out with just him... and At Night, Past Bedtime, no less. Giddy with excitement, she had a blast and bounced back in two hours later with tales of a chocolate milk shared with Dad. Precious. 

Looking at her Daddy, excited for their special Father/Daughter adventure. 


An Autumnal stroll with my two little fellows (while Sister was at school) turned into quite the adventure after Eli asked to walk Bee along in his trolley and I agreed. He was thrilled, to say the least! 

I can't believe I haven't introduced Eli's beloved Bee before. He has always been the kind of kid to cling fiercely to routine, familiarity and the things he knows and loves. We never pushed a 'lovey' type toy but kids have their way of making their own connection and slowly but surely, Bee rose to the top of the overflowing toy pile. He is actually a wheatbag gifted so kindly by a sweet friend (so he can be heated in the microwave in winter for extra toasty cuddles - his tummy is the wheatbag). Eli adores him and totes him around the house for all manner of play... they have hilarious conversations and all kinds of role play are acted out between the two... Bee is usually the baby getting into all kinds of mischief. Bee is sadly not usually permitted to go outside, so Eli props him by the door to 'watch'. I love observing his imaginative play. They are best buddies and Eli was so pleased to take Bee on his very first outdoor adventure - a walk around the block!

The walk was slow but delicious with the soft Autumn light and colourful fallen leaves all around. Autumn is Canberra at its most glorious.

This week's portrait... it's just the sum of Eli - a boy, some sticks, his Bee and his transport!


My little ray of soothing sunshine.

(Those eyebrows are sure getting a work out these days). 

Project 52: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

More highlights from the week that was...

I am struggling to capture Miles' fully-fledged grin which is a shame cos it is so adorable!
This night, he was laughing and chatting, then every time I picked up the camera he stopped to stare at this big black
thing. When I put it down he would start laughing again! It happened over and over, this talk/smile is as close as I got!

Mark reads a Bible story to the kids each night and lately the kids have
started acting out the stories as he reads. They love helping the stories
come to life! This is Eli as John attempting to baptise Lily/Jesus in the river... 

Ready to stroll... and Bee is ready too!


love the protective little hold!

He saw a plane!
a boy and his beloved bee

he saw a cat. his reactions to everything in life are this big! 

'he not happy now, mummy'

The Long Walk Home (he suggested leaving the trolley  behind, half way home.., sorry, Dude, keep pushing!)


  1. Oh I just love them all! Miles' little wrinkled cheeks when he is crying in Eli arms!!! So cute!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful story about the daddy daughter outing!

  3. Oh man I adore that first pic of Lily. That looks says so much. I can just imagine how special that time with mark made her feel. I will have to tuck that one away for when Harper is a little older :)
    Eli and Bee- whether it is a person or a toy, that boy of yours knows how to show love! Those sweet little arms around bee - super sweet!
    and Kate, I really LOVE the shot you got of Miles on the mat with the light coming through. You are really pushing yourself and looking for interesting light. So proud of you!
    Great photos this week Kate. x

    1. thanks amber - yes he is a passionately loving boy, that is for sure :) and thanks for the comments on mile's photo. i'm really really trying but mostly feeling frustrated i can't seem to 'find the light' like i see other people do! maybe i'm light blind, haha!

  4. Wow everyone has grown so much since the last time I checked in. All so beautiful! Your daughter looks so much like you!

    1. thanks and yes they are growing like weeds these days. as for lily... well, she is much cuter than me, heehee!

  5. Oh, what cuties! I am so jealous of the Autumn leaves on the ground. We've moved north and really missing our chilly Autumn days.

  6. Excellent hats!! I love Eli trying, unsuccessfully, to baptise Lily. So funny. And goodness Miles is growing.

  7. Love the brother's shots!!


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