Thursday, 5 July 2018

Hawaii dreaming from 'the Big Camera'

Hawaii, you beautiful tropical paradise! We just can't stop thinking about you!

To ease our Hawaii dreaming, I've been slowing editing all the photos I took on the 'big camera' while on our beautiful family trip. 

Honestly, I am terrible at pulling this baby out these days (iPhones, why you gotta be so easy and convenient). 

But I am so glad I did a few times because honestly, this gorgeous island deserved to be captured properly. 

You can also check out my post on our Top Ten family friendly things to do Oahu for a list of awesome family activities around the island :) 

First up - the stunning Turtle Bay Resort...... this view is forever burned into my heart!

Addicted to photos of Diamond Head...

Waiting for the waves to roll in at Waikiki.

The most incredible adventure on the Atlantis Submarine....

Playing all day on Waikiki Beach....

Super fun day at Sea Life Park...

Hawaii, we love you!!

I still feel overwhelmed with gratitude that our family got to go on this incredible adventure. It was the perfect first overseas jaunt for our kids. We made so many incredible memories together!


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