Thursday, 26 July 2018

Are SAHM's all Brain Dead?

Now I don't get riled up or offended by much in the motherhood discussion, but one comment that has always rubbed me wrong is the idea that SAHMs don't use their brain.
I couldn't believe, when I went back to part time work after 8 years at home, the number of people who said to me 'Isn't it great to be using your brain again??'.
Sorry, what now?
As if I had actually been brain-dead for the 8 years that I poured my heart, soul and (yes!) mind into the very worthy work of being at home with my three kids. To me it felt like my brain worked harder during that season than it ever had!! Trust me, I had never cared so much about a project outcomes! ;)
In this excellent article the author talks about working being an 'intellectual change of pace' (refreshing!) after being at home, rather than needing to call it 'intellectual stimulation'. I like that!! It's not about using your brain or not in either scenario, it's just about using it in a different way. That's certainly how I felt when I returned to work. I was using my brain differently (and being paid for it!) but that didn't mean I hadn't been using my brain before.

Now, I am just speaking for myself. If you are a mum who felt brain-dead at home and that was your reason for returning to work, that's legit and fine of course. We all feel differently about our own experiences! But I don't think we should presume to paint every SAHM with the same brush.

To the SAHM's out there, using their amazing brains, work and life experience, and education towards raising their kids and running their homes.... to you who are pouring heart and soul every day into the incredibly worthy investment of raising your children (yes, even in the mundane and relentless bits) - I want you to know I think what you are doing every day is BRILLIANT!! No price can be put on the time you are giving.

You are investing in the hearts of your children, and in my book that is pretty darn clever!

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