Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Sydney Adventures with Kids! {Part Two: SeaLife Aquarium and Taronga Zoo!}

Here we are, finishing up our Sydney city adventure with some extra exciting outings! We were having too much fun to be tired, like Energiser bunnies we just wanted to keep going and going, haha.

(You can read all about the wonderful first part of our adventure here).

Because we were in Sydney near the older two kid's birthdays, we went on a special couple adventures for their 'birthday experiences'. We went to the Sea Life Aquarium along with some dear friends, and then Taronga Zoo for the very first time. Taronga Zoo turned into an extra epic, quintessentially Aussie day... but more on that later!

Let's dive into the photos, shall we?

Again, sorry these are phone pics, I forgot to take the 'big camera'!

We just loved exploring this beautiful city that is right in our backyard.

But first - coffeeeeee!

We had a great time checking out the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. It is so centrally located right by the big bridge in Darling Harbour and though it looks small from the outside, I couldn't believe how much sealife was inside. It was a fantastic experience, and the kids just loved it. Okay, okay, I did too!

This tunnel was definitely my highlight! I have always wanted to walk through a tunnel like this with the water overhead... but to do it with sharks swimming right over was extra incredible!!

This was a super cute bit - they have a new exhibit where you take a little boat ride along a channel to see the penguins! It's a short ride but a lovely way to enter the penguin's world without getting too in their space!

This interactive jellyfish wall is always a hit! The kids can colour in a fish or jellyfish then it is projected up on to the wall and 'swims' around. It's a good chill-out activity half way through the aquarium.

Three tuckered out little travellers! Haha! Ok, they are faking it here but they really did wear themselves out from miles of walking every day. But it was the good kind of exhausted, where the brain is full of new sights and experiences, and the feet are worn out from lots of activity. They slept hard every night and then were ready to explore again! They really are the best little travellers, very resilient and patient especially with waiting, delays and frequent changes in plan.

Our next adventure was a very special one. It was Lily's 9th birthday while we were in Sydney so to celebrate we went on a family trip to Taronga Zoo along with one of her besties who met us there! It was our first time visiting and it really was something special. Surely it is the zoo with the most spectacular backdrop in the world?!

It was a wonderful day, that's for sure. Especially because, like the best adventures, we ended up extending it with a spontaneous extra something! Now, I am definitely not the most spontaneous person in the world (understatement) but sometimes everything just lines up and works so much better than you could have ever planned or hoped. This was one of those magical days!

Hello, giraffe. Do you really appreciate your million dollar views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House?!

She wore her shirt to match the giraffes! Love it!

We had no idea there was a new baby elephant just born! What a treat to see this tiny (still huge!) little guy!

The cable car ride was just amazing. Incredible views of both the Harbour and the Zoo from overhead... things like this just made the day so magical and really not like your standard zoo! It's free and a great way to get from the bottom of the hill all the way back up! (It's quite a hike otherwise!).

Isn't this a wonderful way to see the fairy penguins zipping around - from underneath!

We had a truly epic day at Taronga Zoo. We were there when it opened and walked for miles in the sunshine. We should have been utterly exhausted but instead we were so energised from our awesome day, by mid afternoon we just wanted to keep going! Even though we drove to the zoo, I had heard there was a ferry that went from the bottom of the Zoo over to Circular Quay (where the Opera House is!). So we decided to seize the day, and the opportunity to take the kids on a ferry for the first time and see the Opera House for the first time.

Well, it was amazzzzzzzing and I am so glad we did it. It turned out so much better than it could have if we had tried to time and plan it all perfectly. The kids were amazing little troopers and we just had the most magical time. Check out the photos to see the perfectly timed spectacular lighting on our ferry ride home (even though getting on the ferry was a super hectic frantic race to make the ferry in time, lol. I have to say that Sydney does not make it easy for tourists to quickly pay for and access a ferry ride!). Oh well, still totally worth it.

First up, the most beautiful ferry ride in the sunshine, enjoying that iconic skyline. Eli was the only one brave enough to come outside with me!

The kids were so enthralled with this amazing didgeridoo playing! A great performance.

Tree climbing in the gardens just behind the Opera House. I am not sure of the name of the park but it has the most amazing view!

Chilling in the sunshine! We had some takeaway for dinner, while enjoying this beautiful view. It was a moment of perfection!

The Opera House at dusk is just magical!

We couldn't have timed it better and I never would have thought to try. As we caught the ferry back to the Zoo, the sun was setting and the view just blew my mind! Sooooo beautiful and I was totally kicking myself to not have my big camera to try and capture the moment. Instead, had to rely on my heart and my iPhone! haha ;) But seriously, standing with my family as the ferry buzzed along the water and the colours filled the sky was truly one of those heart-filling, magical moments. The water, the sky, the bridge, my people. It was truly awe-inspiring. Just so beautiful!

Sydney, you were too good to us! Thank you for an amazing adventure!!! 

The city is well worth the visit, whether you live in the suburbs, interstate or overseas! I hope this little glimpse into our stay gives you some idea of the fun adventures to be had! xx

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