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Sydney Adventures with Kids! {Part One: Exploring Darling Harbour and Beyond}

It's funny. We live so close to Sydney and go there fairly often to see friends and family and for various events. But, perhaps because we live so close and sort of just take it for granted, we have never taken the kids into the city to see the sights or do all the fun, touristy things around there. And I haven't been in central Sydney for years myself. So when Mark had a conference in Sydney city last July (yes, I am posting this a bit late, sorry!), we decided to all tag along and make the most of an opportunity to stay right in Darling Harbour!

We will just take any chance to travel and explore as a family and it was time to show the kids what is essentially in our own backyard! One of the world's most beautiful cities, what a treat!

So along we went. And I am afraid to tell you, we went *full tourist*, haha! In just five days we did our utmost to see *all* the sights, and yes, I even bought a backpack from Paddy's Markets, lol...... #noshame. All the better for toting around a day's worth of snacks and water, right??

It was beautiful weather (sooooo much warmer than Canberra!) and staying right in Darling Harbour made such a difference. We found an amazing Air B&B right by Darling Harbour. It was such a game changer to be staying right in the centre of things, for much less than a hotel cost (and with full kitchen, washing machine etc too). I just love Air B&B! Being so central meant that we were able to start slowly in the mornings (well, me and the kids... Mark had to go off to his conference!). But it was so great being able to just roll out of our apartment to stroll five minutes right into the heart of Darling Harbour. It made it so easy to spend the day having fun, then make it back home to rest in the late afternoon (without having to catch a train for an hour or whatever) before whatever the evening's adventures were. What a treat!

Here are some images from our adventures... there were so many in just our five day stay, I had to split this post into two! These ones are mainly from the CBD, Sydney Harbour Bridge and around Darling Harbour. The next post will be mostly Taronga Zoo and the Sydney SeaLife Aquarium (both awesome too!).

Sydney, you put on some awesome family fun!! Thanks a bunch, you beautiful thing!

(Sorry for the iPhone pics, I totally forgot to take my 'big camera'... which to be honest kinda made doing the tourist thing all over Sydney a lot easier!)

Eli taking his buddies on the car trip to Sydney
Our gorgeous little Air B&B!

Straight into the Lego, wherever they go!
Cutest brothers xx

Blue skies, Sydney, off to explore!

Seriously, what a view! Love this city. 

The Sirious building. A site of much controversy. This building right by the bridge is a great example of brutalism. Developers  want to knock it down but there are lots of protests. Hope they can keep it - she is a beauty (in her own way!).
Sydney's historic area 'The Rocks'. So gorgeous!

Checking out the views from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We walked all the way from our
Darling Harbour apartment to the bridge. Huge hike but best way to see the city!

Honestly, they could have played in this fountain thing all day. They LOVED it. So much fun, such a great interactive place.

The new Darling Harbour playground is amazing. Pretty much all the kids wanted to do each day was play here, haha. It is epic, has water play areas and is just a wonderful space.... with a cafe too. Seriously a great playground!!

The kids LOVED spending their pocket money at Paddy's Markets. A million stalls, it's kinda
overwhelming but awesome.

The perfect start to every day! Coffee and sunshine strolls with the kids.

He was super proud of these sunnies he bought from Paddy's Market!

More fun in the water play area at Darling Harbour playground.

Our first time ever visiting the Powerhouse Museum. WOW. This place is amazing!!!! It's
huge and has soooo much going on. Well worth a visit. Kids under 16 are freeeee!

This wedding dress exhibition was amazing!!!

Yum Cha in China Town is a MUST!!

Off on yet another adventure..... Sydney city has so much to see and do!

The kids were amazing little troopers, always ready to hike around to see and do more.

I will post Part Two soon - there is still so much more to come!!

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