Thursday, 22 February 2018

{January} Sunshine Summer Travels

Summer travels. 

Six stops in two and a half weeks, three states and a whole lotta people, fun, memories, swimming, friends, scenery and car time!

After our annual week at our much loved Christian family camp between Christmas and New Years, we hit the road for an epic road trip - driving up to Queensland, convoying with some dear friends who were visiting from Hawaii. It was so special to be travelling together. We joked that there were not many other families we would want to spend *quite* so much time with, but with these guys, it was just easy breezy and such a delight. Kinda awesome when two families can click so well, even when travelling. That's how you know they are next level friends!!! Love them so much and can't wait to hang out in Hawaii later this year (still can't believe that is happening!).

After an overnight stay, we ended up staying at a quirky Air B&B, and going to Australia Zoo (fantastic, as always!), then on to visit our darling friend Georgia and her crew on the Sunshine Coast. Hanging out with their clan is always so lovely, our kids are twinning and each duo gets along so well. They are just all so dear to us. It's always a delightful time.... Georgia is teaching us how to be more chill, haha! 

Like a very bad blogger, this was the only time I actually pulled out my big camera on the trip!!!! #oops - I was just a little tooooo relaxed, clearly! All my daily holiday snaps are over on my Instagram, if you wanna scroll :) But while enjoying the beach life with dear George and our combined six kiddos, I did manage to take a few 'proper' photos! 

After that delightful stay, it was a few days with my Dad on his new property, out in the middle of nowhere. So relaxing, and a taste of the country life! Including waking one morning to the sound of gunshots. #nothanks

On the way home, we spontaneously decided to add one more night's adventure visiting another Christian family camp in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland.

Did I forget anything!? Perhaps. It was one of those delightfully exhausting holidays. So many people, so many different locations, so much driving, fun, adventures, conversations, food, memories, a few melt downs (!! let's be honest!) and all the rest. 

We came home to (amazingly) another whole three weeks of school holidays as they were super long this year. And we really needed that time to wind back down after all that travel! 

Here's to summers with the kids. There are not so many left together, really. 

What a blessing it is to make these memories, in these golden days, with our perfectly imperfect family. 

Thanks Georgia for snapping this pic! The big leap xx

These images summarise time at my Dad's place. Hammock time and enjoying the serenity....

Back home again, time to relax and enjoy some quiet, lazy, home days. Travel is wonderful but there is a certain loveliness in summer holidays spent tinkering around the home.

Nothing I love more than seeing the tops of that trio's heads. All burrowed together, makes me melt every time!

Our summer, our January. 

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