Monday, 12 February 2018

52.52 Our Busy Christmas

Christmas 2017.

There isn't much evidence in these photos, I realise, because it was such a busy day, I mostly just snapped random moments on the trusty phone (argh, so easy, I am getting so slack with my big camera!).

Our day was action packed and really lovely. I felt so grateful for this Christmas, ever more aware of the magic that is these early years, we just want to soak up the season so much! It feels like such a privilege to witness our kids and their excitement over Christmas :)

We started the day with the hazy glow of early morning stocking-opening. Is there anything more magical than seeing the kids diving into the stocking and squealing as they pull out all those tiny treasures!? Who knew a toothbrush could bring such delight, haha!

(Randnom sidenote: I got them all cheapie electric toothbrushes this year.... soooooo good and effective!) 

We try to include some element during Christmas Day of giving back to others (on a day we often are blessed so much) so after our early start, we dropped off some little chocolates with thank you notes to those who serve our community on Christmas Day - the police, paramedics, and hospital emergency room staff.

Then it was Christmas brunch with my in-laws and mum - delicious and lovely family time! So lovely to see the grandparents enjoying the morning with the kids, with family gift opening and even some good old daggy Xmas games this year!

Then our tribe went into the city to help serve at a community lunch. We first went a couple of years ago and it was such a rewarding and special experience, the kids still asked about going back, so this year we did! It is really such a special place. A room filled with hundreds, so much community spirit soaking the air, Christmas carols and smiles everywhere. Seeing the kids taking and delivering drink orders, clearing plates, making new friends. I was fit to bursting with pride and gratitude.

We then rolled on to our fourth stop of the day, popping by to see the extended family to spend time with them and share dessert! We ate way too much of course, and it was good to wind down with them all.

We made our way home in the late afternoon, happily exhausted and thankful for the many connections we had made that day and ready for a quiet and relaxed night together. And the kids were needless to say, excited to just play, play, play with their day's bounty of gifts. 

It was a Christmas to be thankful for, that's for sure.

Eli got a cheapie version of a Go-Pro as he is sooooo into photos and videos. He was SO intensely into it, it was awesome!

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2017.

So here ends the 52 project. 

And now we are in 2018 and for the first time in.... years... I am without a photography project for the year. I am kinda sad about it but also lacking inspiration!? Maybe this year I will try to do more actual blog posts (gasp!) instead of just photo posts. But I am also sad that I am falling so behind in my photo taking. Hmmmm.... well, let's see what unfolds this year, huh!

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