Thursday, 31 March 2016

the last little one at home // the in-between season

With my middle child off to school this year (and totally rocking it by the way - but that's another post!), I suddenly realised I've somehow transitioned from a 'mum of little kids who has one at school', to a 'school mum who still has one kid at home'. Subtle difference but a big one (to me, anyway, lol)! I blinked, they grew up, and now here I am. Still getting used to this change...having two school age kids. For so long (soooooo long), I was a mum to little kids at home. But the baby and toddler phase has officially past. Eek?! If you are anywhere near this stage you know how bittersweet it is! So strange to realise those 'little years' have really past (we survived!!!) and we are entering a new phase, heading as a family towards those middle years, the school age years #whoa. In many ways I'm sad to say goodbye to those simple, precious (exhausting) and adorable baby days, but also excited about the fun and conversation and independence and adventures of school age kids. Ahhhhh, transitions!

#mixedemotions #addictedtohashtaggingevenwhennotonsocialmedia ;)

Accidentally twinning with my buddy as we enjoy a coffee date
(another novelty I hardly dared with multiples). Matching grey 
and navy stripes... hmm, maybe we  are spending a little TOO
 much time together?! :) #impossible

My three year old 'forever my baby', Miles, is still at home (the last one!!). I am so incredibly grateful I still get to be with home with him.... but it's funny how it feels so different?! Our family is more firmly in the school phase, no longer a newbie school mum with the novelty of a first school child. With my second starting, we all kinda feel like pros! He knew what to expect and so did I... so it was a much less emotional experience for all of us, really. School lunches, permission slips, home readers... yeah, we have found our groove with all these novelties!

And life at home with 'just one'? It feels like a whoooooole different ballgame.

Hot Cross Buns on the deck together for morning tea. Happy times!
Scraped nose, but he don't care!

These are simple, quiet, contented days. SO QUIET!! SO SIMPLE!! SO SWEET!! Ha. Just a far cry from the general level of mayhem and noise that was in the house with three kids full time. Sibling interactions - even when positive - are just generally so noisy!! And now it's sooo quiet, lol. But I am still getting used to it, frankly. I think when you have been so accustomed to being home full time juggling three little people along with running a household, having 'just one' feels practically child-free, haha!! So I have to admit we have been having a blast together. I love hanging out with my little sidekick, Miles, he truly is darling! And all of a sudden I have so much freedom to run errands, do volunteering, help with church things, hang with friends, get chores done, do the gardening, organise the house, etc . So doable now, especially with a super chilled and independent little man by my side. It's such a change?! Especially as Miles is now a big three year old, past the super busy toddler stage. He can play independently, obey instructions, understand where we are going and why. He is happy to go along with whatever is happening Oh, and the conversations are precious beyond words... I love this age! We have the best chats as we cruise around town and hang out at the house. And of course we love going to pick up the big kids after school, greeting them with hugs and begging for updates - it's always quite a reunion!

Quietly, independently, happily playing Magnatiles while I bake.
What is this?!?!?! 

I'm just loving this sweet season. This time feels so precious and I know all the more now how much I need to cherish as it will not last. 
Side Note: If you have 'just one' total children right now, please know that when I had 'just one' myself it suuuuure didn't feel so simple and easy breezy!! Perspective (and I guess your ability to juggle and cope) just changes a fair bit after you ratchet up to three then down to one. But that first one? It felt challenging for sure! #restassured

I've been joking to friends it's like I can now do all those SAHM things I always thought I would do but couldn't because, you know, all those kids in the way!!! Ha! So have to admit I have been really relishing these quiet and productive days! Pottering around, getting all those ever-undone chores off the list, helping out at school, getting shopping done, taking care of errands with my buddy by my side. It's been pretty sweet and I started to think about how productive I have been.... IT FELT GOOD! Then I realised -

Wait a minute! Was I suggesting that the previous seven years raising three little humans was unproductive?!

Oh, no, no, no. Not at all.

Maybe unproductive in many senses, in many worldly values... often it appeared that nothing got accomplished in a whole day!! (Except keeping the kids alive.. my main goal!) BUT....The everyday, glorious and mundane task of raising little people - it's the most important job I ever had (and still have!). Maybe it was largely 'unproductive' in one sense, but it was still noble work. Ok, the floor often wasn't swept and I was often frazzled and tired to my bones but still...being home, being with them, during all those pre-school years, was unproductive in the best possible way. After all, I didn't quit my job to stay home and keep the house clean, or be productive in really any sort of measure except being there for them, raising them, instilling love and values and character in their hearts. Just giving them the priceless gift of time. Time with me, time to be nurtured in the home, time to grow up slowly and gently and quietly. We all know time is precious and it seemed my greatest productivity may have been seemingly 'wasting time' by investing in them, in giving time to them. Ok, ok, it's nice to get the chores down and the errands run, but I think we all know what has the greater value! The pay ain't great, but this work has an eternal value in my perspective, investing in little hearts and minds.

Now school is calling for my baby boy.... just a year or two away (he is on the cusp of the school year, so not quite sure when he will start yet). School is beckoning my last little one, I know that time to that point will fly. Then the office will be calling me once more, and I know that will be yet another change for our family. Times, they are a changin'...

But for now? 

I will enjoy this 'in between' season, soaking up the last drops of SAHM life with my little dude, while also ticking things off my to-do list like A BOSS!!!!!


  1. Oh reading about your new phase has me feeling like holding on to my current phase (even though it sounds lovely - I'm just not ready!). My daughter has started preschool too, but only part time, so I still have her home some days and my littlest is not yet 2. So holding onto this stage. So glad you are enjoying your new phase though, and you will have to pop over again xx

    1. yesss definitely enjoy this sweet little phase you are in now... it is precious and i loved it so much too! it is still kind of shock to realise it does not last forever, lol... so different when they head off to school. yesss we are due for a playdate :)

  2. I feel like we have stepped into a new phase too (and I still have both those noisy kids at home!) But I can really feel what you're feeling. Things change and they've often changed long before we notice. Those long hard days pass - but then we miss them and yearn for our kids to stay little just that little bit longer. It must feel so quiet at your place now. But what a blessing Miles has in you; to spend these blissfully quiet days together.

    1. you word things so beautifully!!! so true that things often have already changed before we see it coming - and i see what you mean, even though you still have the kiddos at home, they are growing up and are well and truly out of those baby/toddler years and into the school phase too (just at home - lucky kiddos!). yes i miss those baby days, as tough as they could be, they were so precious. and YES so quiet now!!! and it is so special to have all this one on one time, it really is a whole other dynamic :) xx

  3. My first started school this year...I had two very emotional nights of tears before she started. I just couldn't believe that it was over. That special time wtih her at home had come to an end and all too quickly. I still struggle to give her up for the majority of the week but am enjoying my time with the little two. And in time just with my little man...

    1. oh the first starting school is such an emotional rollercoaster!!!! so hard to have them leave!! i well remember those mixed emotions and wondering if we had done enough/enjoyed it fully. it does get easier though, promise! enjoy days with your little two now and yes soon enough, just one :)

  4. Yes, I miss my eldest now that she's at school, even though it was so hard having both at home. I cherish the days I still have with my youngest though - the days are long but the years are fast!

    1. so true!! these one on one days are some to cherish, indeed xx

  5. I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing up. She's so not a baby anymore but I still want to call her that! hehe


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