Monday, 14 March 2016

#highlightsreel // riding bikes and reading books

Ok, so I came across a pile of unedited photos from late last year! 

Last year... such a tumultuous one. I hardly took photos (comparatively to past years, haha!), but as I just found these I decided to sort them and post some before they stayed buried on my hard drive forever... 

The kids already look so much smaller. My babies! A reminder of how time flies, huh??

I remember them lying around on the floor together, all in a line for some reason only known to childhood. So, of course I grabbed a couple photos because... it's what I do, ha!

She read her first whole chapter book, cover to cover, all to herself, by herself... she had dipped in and out of many but this one was where she had staying power. So precious! Now she seems to tear through them at a rate of knots and I just love having another voracious reader in the house! With more coming up the line!!

Somebody took a tumble. After cuddles and comfort, he needed a little time. The sweetest sad face ever.

Our beloved friends came to visit and it was beyond lovely to see these two little guys hanging out - best buddies! We mothers plan to keep them that way for life!!! ;) 

Lily found one of the chicken's feathers in the backyard... and decided to use some ink and try writing old school style... where she gets her ideas, I can't tell ya!

A lazy home day, reading books and eating lunch on the trampoline with my sweet boys. Miles is sitting in a cardboard box - who knows why?!
The boys at 'school' - Ms Lily runs quite a strict school room ;) 

Brotherly Love xx
The kids were obsessed with snails as pets for a while... building all sorts of home for them, haha!
He really, really, really loves any kind of hat. 
She finally nailed the bike riding thing - from starting off solo to braking to steering... hooray!! Loved to see her confidence growing. And yes the bike is too small... luckily she got a bigger one for Christmas ;)

Meanwhile the boys were having a percussion band rehearsal near by... #sonoisy #sofun

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