Saturday, 18 July 2015

hello again...

This was the lovely lake view from David's hospice room. A misty morning on the day he passed away.

Hello lovely readers,

Just popping in to explain my absence on this little blog lately - it's been about a month since I last wrote, I'm afraid!

My beloved stepfather passed away about three weeks ago after his very short fight with pancreatic cancer. I miss him so much already, but take great comfort in knowing he has found perfect peace at last.

Needless to say it's been an emotional time of memorial services, family time and just trying to begin to process all that has gone on. I am walking through this grief one non-linear step at a time, and must admit it's still all so fresh and strange, I am not able to talk/write about it much just yet.

I can say that while finding my way through our 'new normal', I have found it's a bit like riding an erratic roller coaster of emotion. At times, it feels like such a blessing/escape/welcome distraction to 'go to work' as it were, on this happy little blog of mine. Then at other times, a silly little thing like blogging seems impossible! And I just need to keep space for my family or my own thoughts. So, posting might be a little scatty for a while as I find my groove again. I still remain committed to documenting the delight of our daily lives, steeped in sorrow as they might be. Somehow, the new depth of sorrow makes those joys all the more precious, don't you think? Bittersweet has new meaning for me now.

Thanks for your patience, for reading along and for all your kind support along the way.

xx Kate


  1. Much love and prayers to you and your family Kate! xx Take the time you need and process through everything in whatever way works for you xxx There is no rule book for grief... xxx But I know you have a Book that gives great wisdom on comfort, love and sovereignty! x

    1. thank you so much Bekka! So comforted by your comment, it's a hard road to navigate, my feelings change every 5 mins but I suppose that is part of it. Yes indeed, God's word is my compass and comfort at this time, so grateful for it. thanks lovely xx


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