Sunday, 26 July 2015

a daily family ritual to calm and nurture {and a giveaway!}

When I was 18, I received my first 'real' perfume. CK 'one'. I'm sure I am not the only one who had this, amiright?!! It was so precious and 'fancy', I thought I should only use it on 'special occasions', which pretty much amounted to my birthday and Christmas, lol. Two years later I looked at the bottle and realised only about 2mm had been used!!! Ridiculous! This perfume would be 'off' before I got any real use out of it. So, I decided to start using it almost daily, and it became a lovely ritual and daily pleasure to spritz a little scent before I walked out the door. It felt good to enjoy it regularly instead of putting it aside for the 'someday' that often never comes. And you know what, it still lasted for ages!

I was the same with scented candles. I looove the scent, the aroma and the atmosphere that lighting a candle brings. But, you know.....they melt!!! I didn't want to 'waste' them and it seemed decadent and indulgent to light them too often, so once again whenever I was gifted a pretty candle, it sat on the shelf to be rarely lit... if I ever even remembered! Again, what's the point? The candles piled up (I even had a 'candle box!) but all they did was collect dust.

A couple of years ago, I decided life was too short to not burn my candles... at least on one end, if not both ;) I didn't want candles to be decor, dust collectors or clutter, I wanted to enjoy them while I could! A simple little 'everyday indulgence'.

I soon got into the habit of lighting a candle in the late afternoon on most days, especially through winter. As the light dims and chill sets in, there is just nothing so cosy and delightful as lighting a candle. It's amazing what one little candle can do for the atmosphere of the entire home! Somehow it seems to lift the temperature of the house at least 5 degrees. Ok, it's just one tiny flame but it seriously feels warmer to me, lol!! The glow emanates and the scent wafts around. It's soothing and nurturing and somehow seems to calm the household in the midst of the late afternoon madness. Well, maybe it just calms the mama which in turns help calm everyone else!? ;) But the kids definitely always give a squeal of delight and an appreciative sniff when they see a candle burning. My two year old, Miles, also sings 'Happy Birthday'. Every. Single. Time.

I always keep the lit candle up on the kitchen bench near me (out of reach of little hands!), while I prepare the evening meal. The classical station on Pandora is usually tinkling away too - I don't know anything about classical music, but I do find it really soothing! I still have to cook and clean and tend to little people's requests every 30 seconds or so, but the change in atmosphere is palpable. It's become our lovely late afternoon family ritual. Lighting candles, playing soothing music... scents and sounds entrenching themselves in our collective family memories, as we transition from afternoon to evening.

My five top hot tips for candles (ha!):

  1. Keep them in the fridge - cold wax ensures a slower burn!
  2. If the scent is your favourite thing, invest in quality candles as sadly the cheapies just don't have the delicious smell you are after!
  3. Only ever light candles in an area you plan to stay and supervise. If I am leaving the room, I blow the candle out!
  4. Always place a plate or stand under your candles when they are lit. Don't ask me why I recommend this ;)
  5. If you are wary about open flames, use reed infusers instead! I loooove reed infusers (such a great fairly new addition!) as it's such a lovely way to have a constant scent in a room, without the fire risk. You don't have to remember to light them or blow them out and they smell just so good! A nice little surprise scent when you walk into the room. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos and I had to enter! I never knew cold wax ensured a slower burn - thanks for the tip!

  2. When my children were really little I put a candle on the back of the stove on the spoon rest. Every time the stove was on the heat melted the candle and smelled just like a lit candle. Comforting. Thanks for renewing my love of scented candles.


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