Thursday, 7 May 2015

#highlightsreel // a birthday bounty + a checkmate

My baby girl learnt to play chess! Playing my first game with her kinda blew my grown up. She 'taught' me all the rules too, which was pretty cute, and kept telling me through the game 'Don't worry, Mum, I have a plan'. Her plan seemed to involve losing a lot of pieces ;)

So determined to take his rightful place at the 'craft table'. He wants to draw and glue and anything else the kids get to do. A serious artiste.
Miles informed me 'Circles!'

Lily went on an interstate trip to be a flower girl in a relative's wedding. We missed her desperately but none so much as Eli. He set up this 'welcome home' display for her, every toy set up with their own special prop. When she came home, he went absolutely crazy with joy. Ah, sibling love is the sweetest!
Miles teaching himself to use scissors. Adult 'crimping' scissors no less! He sat there for ages, using both hands to open the scissors for every snip. PS Note the crossed legs!!!

He took his huge Bible, and propped himself in front of the TV like so, while Eli was watching Aladdin. He 'read' from the Bible in a very stern manner for several minutes. Was this some kind of rebuke about Disney movies? A sermon on the evils of TV? Who can say?! ;) 
He prefers to do his own reading these days. 
Trying to teach her brother chess...
Nothing like hearing the happy sounds of my trio singing 'Ring a ring a rosie' in the backyard, over and over. Giggles galore! #melt
Lily asked if we could make 'meat pies' for dinner and so, together, we did. Well, meat and veggie pies ;) Sure they were rustic but the kids were proud of their handiwork! She was eager to make little decorations for the top of each, this one was a bird in its nest :)
Eli has been teaching himself to write the letter 'A' lately, so decided to top his pie with that letter. Love seeing his eager natural learning unfold :)
'Yes, Ma'am??'
She pulls out this British accent and silly faces, I don't know where from, but it slays me!
We are all in love with these 'Peek and Seek' bags from Finlee & Me! Great little activity to keep hands and eyes busy in the car, the waiting room, during church services, etc. Who needs an iPhone?! #gifted
Sleeping Beauty... on the coffee table.
Teaching Miles to help unstack the dishwasher. Two eager teachers, one even more eager pupil.
You know you are focusing hard when it gives you double chins.
It was one of those sweet afternoons that was actually as idyllic as it sounds (rather than much more chaotic in reality!). I spent over an hour gardening with Lily and Eli.  It was truly precious time. They eagerly 'dead headed' all the roses, swept gravel, and just generally clipped and dug and of course, found bugs and worms. We chatted together as we worked in the fading afternoon light, happy to be productive and together. I was diggin' it :)
Sweeping that pesky gravel from the driveway.
I don't know where these crazy kids get their crazy ideas... but I love them. It was Daddy's birthday so the kids decided they would ALL dress in Spidermen outfits for the entire day. In his honour. you know?! And don't ask me how come we have three Spiderman outfits, I have no idea. All hand-me-downs from somewhere!
Oh me, oh my, I love them so much I could cry.

She finally got her chance to play chess with Papa - after teaching him all 'her rules' first of course! :)
Someone was determined to give 'the most presents'. Lily spent two solid weeks crafting about 16 presents for her beloved Daddy... each one presented in  a gift bag. She was soooooo excited to give them, with so much love and time and devotion poured into each gift. Just love her generosity xx
I made a baked blueberry and white chocolate cheesecake... birthday treat for my wonderful guy xx
'Don't touch the freshly blown out candles!'
My beautiful boy made twenty Lego creations in honour of his Dad's birthday. He then spent about 10 minutes presenting each one individually to his Dad and explaining all about it. Bless :)
Some of Eli's precious Lego creations made for his Dad. Mark was just so proud of him :)
Reading out one of her many Birthday stories for Daddy...
Canberra: Showing off at Autumn

The kids volunteered to make dinner one night (Black Bean Wraps) and decided to get out the kitchen scales to weigh every topping. Too cute :) Eli was very keen to be precise, though not sure he really knew what he was measuring, lol.

Her 'fancy platter of sauces' is clearly just the right weight.
They learnt to chill like this from their Daddy :)
So excited, I had to share!! After hunting foreverrrrr for the perfect 'car caddy' to keep
our very full back seat organised, I got one custom made from a lovely lady on Etsy.
Just love all the pockets, the print and the space for all the kiddo's bits and pieces!
Hopefully it helps me keep the car cleaner?! Just love Etsy :)
Another day, another lunchbox... but made all the sweeter with these gorgeous Lunch Love cards from Finlee & Me. I have a whole set of cards to choose from each day, it's so fun to select some daily encouragement for my little lady (and Eli has a boy's set too!). #gifted
Luscious pomegranates, delicious boy xx


  1. Wow! What a beautiful snapshot of your family's adventures. Your photos are just stunning. I love the Lunch box cards, what a great idea :)

    1. thanks Melissa! yes, we love the lunchbox cards too, they are so fun to use in lots of different ways :)

  2. I LOVE the little Spidies. And oh my, how is it that Miles is getting even CUTER?!?! I love the car caddy, I think i might have to get the dimensions from you. My car is always a disaster zone.

    1. yes somehow 'Marbles' gets cuter by the day :) These car organizers have been such a help in getting the car (somewhat!) in order!!

  3. Not sure if my first comment worked. Thanks for sharing these pics of family life. So precious. And I'm pinning those car activity things. So handy.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Sure, pin away - thank you!! Yes, the car organizers are sooooo handy, I just love them and I also love that they look so cute while being so practical ;)

  4. The "Yes Ma'am?" one made me giggle, too. :)


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