Monday, 25 May 2015

#highlightsreel // all kinds of wheels and wonder

The days roll by, filled with precious little moments that will one day seem like the big moments. 

I try to capture some of them here, pinning down those fleeting joys that scatter through our days 

Amidst the mess and stress of life, God gives us these happy little anchors to remind us of what truly matters.

Bike riding practise...
Ready to ride!
A proud Papa watches on...
Washing the cars is a family affair...
At the car wash... (our driveway)
Car washing // Apple eating
Our family is a teeny bit pizza obsessed. So, sometimes you just gotta make mini-dessert pizzas. Chocolate sauce, marshmallows and white chocolate drops. Ummm.... deeeeelish!
Despite the many happy and sweet moments captured here, in reality these are hard days for our family. On one of my emotional (teary!) days, I emerged from my room to discover this beautiful fruit platter prepared by the kids to 'make me happy again'. My little blessings, they are such a source of joy on the darkest days.

I walk by to discover him peacefully inhaling the scent of the flowers. We should all take such moments of simple pleasure!
I love to see literacy emerge, naturally and at it's own pace. Lately Eli has been so interested in writing letters, mastering one at a time. Nothing quite so charming as seeing a world of letters slowly transform as little ones learn to decipher the codes!
Every day (multiple times a day!) the craft area transforms from one thing to another, as she rapidly changes her plans about 'what I'm going to be when I grow up'. This minute? A teacher! She has the desk and pose nailed, I think!! ;)

Here comes the clippers....
First home haircut from Daddy. 
Magnatiles in a sunny spot on a cold day.

Peekaboo!! So grateful for my quiet days at home with this little guy when the older two are at school for half the week. He is my little buddy and we just have the best time hanging out :)

Lily doing a bit of Reading Eggs... and everyone wants to have some input ;)
The playkitchen was transformed into a Lego workshop. In fact, Lily hung a sign saying 'Please don't come in here, we are working on Lego in our workshop.' Serious business!
'Shopping? Shopping bags! Go to Aldi??
Yes, those puppy dog eyes are pleading for me to take him to Aldi. He seriously wanders around the house most of the day with two shopping bags over his shoulder, just waiting to go to the shops. This kid!!

After a year of begging, Lily is finally learning to play her little guitar!! Thanks to the time and talents of our lovely friend, Michael :) In just two lessons she learnt to play Twinkle Twinkle - she was sooooo excited :)

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