Tuesday, 24 March 2015

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Life lately....

Finding joy and just savouring the little moments with my precious family xx

Two little scallywags, post-waterfight. Do their cute faces distract from the grubby glass door?! ;)
Well, well, look who I discovered late one evening, snuggled up on the comfy floor!

My sweet girl stayed up late one night doing a picture for every class mate (20!). And some presents too. I love her phonetic spelling soooo much! :) Xavier, Ms Newton, Hayli, Ben, Grace, Athina.
I made these chicken and zucchini poppers for dinner, and put these little foodpicks in just for fun. Miles thought they were birthday candles and started singing 'Happy Birthday' and held it up like this for ages. Oh, cutie pie!
A little block building challenge inspired by the wonderful An Everyday Story

They took on the challenge with relish, experimenting with different building

Drawing a diagram of their building strategy...
He lies down with Daddy and tries to copy his pose exactly. (he had his arms
up too but I missed it!). Oh Miles. Like father, like son. 
The kids can now do an entire laundry cycle themselves. Everything from putting clothes and detergent into the machine, putting it on, hanging it on the line, and bringing it in, sorting and putting away. I am super duper proud of my independent little people :)
Showing off the empty basket after completing the task. I got them this cute little mini basket of their own :)
Oh Miles. This is how he requests to be tucked in these days. Sleep bag, blanket tucked over, then his fave toys lined up next to him. Hahaahaa! He is so quirky. I need to do a whole post on his various preferred bed time rituals. This kid, he has a lot of opnions ;) These little moments are so precious.
My tired little boy/big Preschooler. Although he is nearing five, he can still easily nap most days. On preschool days he can't so I have found him collapsed like this a couple times recently. Darling boy!
A night out at the amazing Enlighten festival. It has a lot of competition but I think it's now my favourite annual Canberra event. Love this town! Old Parliament House never looked so good!! The projections move and change, so enchanting.
Eli highlights the star he made for the cellophane house inside OPH.
She got 'swiped by a Teradactyl'... well, actually, that's just what she requested from the cool special effects make up artist at Questacon!
Next level cotton candy/fairy floss.... Glow in the Dark!!!!
No, I didn't feed my kids nuclear powered food, haha! It's a flashing rainbow glow stick with plain fairyfloss wrapped around it. Pretty fun huh??! Of course, we just had to let the kids try it :)

The National Library of Australia.
Beautiful 'paper boats' on the lake. They kept changing colour!

The National Portrait Gallery had a series of moving images that were so mesmerising. My favourite!

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