Monday, 16 March 2015

a 'family photography' mentoring session with robyn geering

Photography has turned into my little hobby (as well as blogging, it turns out!). I love to photograph memories with my family, although when it comes to the technical side of photography, I am without doubt the world's slowest learner!! It just doesn't seem to sink in (what's ISO again??).


Last year I entered a Facebook competition run by the highly awarded, previous Australian Professional Family Photographer of the Year, the one and only Robyn Geering! She was offering a Mentoring Session and what do you know..... I won it. Trust me, I screamed the house down!! I couldn't believe it. Such a wonderful opportunity to learn both theory and practice from one of this country's best family photographers. Yes, I was in awe!

Robyn is truly lovely. It's inspiring how passionate she is about photography, it is so clear how much she loves her job - and loves sharing her knowledge too. She was so incredibly generous with her time and talents through the whole experience. After asking about what I wanted to learn, she kindly offered to split the single session I won into two... one for theory and one for practice. We had the theory session late last year. A lovely morning at her house, where she (very patiently!!!!) walked me through all the camera settings, how to understand light better and gave me several awesome tips and tricks for photographing kids who move at the speed of light - or so it seems! She even made up an awesome booklet for me, full of photography information and advice. I read that thing cover to cover, trust me!

We planned for our 'practise' session a few weeks later. But then it rained. And my kids got sick. And then it rained. Then it was Christmas. Then it rained and rained some more. Do you get the drift?!?! Sooooo many reschedules, but finally, recently, the clouds (literally!!) parted and so one Saturday evening we met at Robyn's amazing secret spot by the lake for a family photo session.

We had so much fun, and I loved soaking up all Robyn's wisdom. She truly went above and beyond the official 'prize' to give me so much support and practical advice. It was such a treat to have someone right there to ask advice about settings and angles, and so on. It really helped me learn to be able to ask then practically apply that info straight away, as well as get instant feedback on my images and settings. It was just cool to watch a master at work too! The kids were very patient as we snapped away for over TWO hours :) I was soooo happy with the photos I got as a result....

Thank you, Robyn, your heart and your talents have richly blessed our family. We both know it's about much more than just the photos - thank you, thank you for your support, dear friend!

And so, without further ado....

About to get started.. Mark distracts the boys down by the water while we take some snaps of my girl :)
Hmmm, what shall I do?
(Ha - Lily had so many ideas, I think Robyn may take her on as an assistant!?)

Shame I overexposed with the sun on her hair, because I just love this serene little face xx

If you look closely, you can spot a pirate tattoo on her forearm, She applied it just for Photo Day, lol!!!
Here come the fellas.... my three amazing men xx
And there goes one little man....
A little sibling chatter...

That little tongue!

My absolute favourite image from the day. Three little blessings, all in a row!! :)

The King of Funny Faces :)

Lily was getting bored with the photos and then Robyn said something funny while elicited this gorgeous series of beautiful smiles from my girl. Nice work, Robyn :)

So much sass!!! Seriously, where does she get it from!?

Boy with sticks.... 
Beautiful Robyn was simply amazing with the kids,  with so many fun ways to elicit natural happy smiles.
Miles did his best to charm her top notch camera away but he is not quite *that* charming, haha ;) 

Brothers in the bush... off on another adventure.

Ok, ok, let's creep away and just let the kids play xx

Needless to say... if you want some gorgeous images of your own family, check out the stunning photos on Robyn Geering Photography, and book in a session - stat! If you are a budding photographer, whether amateur or professional, check out her mentoring sessions too... you will not be disappointed, either way! :)


  1. Oh sooooooo beautiful. I love them, every single one of them. I had a ball working with you and your gorgeous family. I have to agree with you on your favourite - it's my favourite to, and I expect to see it as a huge canvas on your wall. You truly do have a beautiful family.

    1. Thank you so, so much Robyn! For your feedback and all your help along the way. YES I need to get that photo up on a big canvas ASAP :) Great memories xx

  2. Oh Kate, that is such a special experience for you! Loved the photos, that one of your 3 little loves is priceless! And YOU took it!

    P.S. When we make it down to Canberra we are heading to this 'secret' spot okay? Good. Thanks. Bye. ;) xx

    1. Thanks Andi!!! Heehee I know, I keep looking at that shot and thinking 'wow, it looks kinda like a professional shot?!!' :) Im so happy with it.

      YES you come to town, I will take you to this amazing little spot - DEAL :)

  3. oh these are all gorgeous!!!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful opportunity for you. Your photos are just stunning and what a gorgeous family :)

  5. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL Kate! Your photography has grown in leaps and bounds. It's been an absolute joy to watch over the years :) Have to say the ones of Lily are my favs. You really captured your sweet girl :) - Amber

    1. aw thanks hon - you have been my mentor and inspiration from the beginning - well, you are the one who got me started on this whole thing so really - its all bc of youuuuuuuuuuuu :)


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