Sunday, 14 December 2014

50/52 - it's beginning to look a lot like...


She took it upon herself to create/collect Christmas gifts for everyone who we will be celebrating Christmas Day with - two gifts each. They are crafted, drawn or pilfered from around the house ('Mum, do you really need all these fridge magnets??'). 

She ended up being home sick for a couple of days but even in her sickness, was determined to finish her self-assigned task, crying to me 'I was planning to get them all done today, Mum, I have to get them all finished!!' as she continued wrapping earnestly, even through her lethargy and my encouragement to just leave them till tomorrow. 

Sometimes she is so much like me, it is frankly terrifying. Seeing your own personality quirks appear before you in a little person (such as being determined to stick to a plan no matter what other reality may occur) is a really eerie thing.... 


Leaping for joy!

The kids were playing outside in the afternoon, deciding to get gloriously muddy while making mud pies. It started raining and suddenly I had the three kids running and leaping around the patio, squealing with delight in the summer shower. And not too long after, they transformed into three little nudies racing around merrily. 

I stood in the doorway watching them, smiling, casting aside other afternoon plans as the chance for a spontaneous rain dance appeared.  Delighting in the way they embraced their childhood, before they all tumbled into the house for a warming shower....


Funny little man, just chilling in a bucket, on a towel, in his PJ's, watching the world go by... as you do?!


To celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, we escaped to the coast for a little night away. We have a more significant celebration planned, but it worked out better to wait till next year for that. 

One night away, with the children divided up and left in the hands of their wonderful grandparents, was a much appreciated little getaway. A drive through the mountains, lunch and browsing through historic country towns and let's not forget the interruption-free conversation - bliss! :) With the heavy dose of nostalgia that comes with a decade milestone, we decided to return to the beautiful, secluded little cabin in the bush where we spent our honeymoon. It was still delightful and so very relaxing!

We may now be an old married couple, but thankfully we can work out how to do a bit of a beach selfie on the iphone... right before a stroll on the beach and fish and chips for dinner on the beach too. 

Love this guy truly madly deeply - he is still my very favourite person to hang out with xx

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

Our leafy little hideaway. Love the views, hidden amongst a national park.
I took the kids to choose out a gift to donate to the children of Marymead. They took their
decision making very seriously. This is such a special Christmas tradition.
My clever friend Nicole has started up a cookie company called NJ Creations - she is amazing at baking and decorating! She asked if my kids would like to test out her new kid's Christmas 'cookie decorating kits' and of course they were more than happy to both create and then sample ;) Meanwhile, I loved getting to experience all the fun without any of the mess or stress - thanks, Nic!

I can't really sew, but took it upon myself to stitch the kid's names on their stockings. I have to admit it felt rather sweet and homey to do so, to create a little something in their honour. However dodgy and messy the stitching, there was love and satisfaction in the project :)

Five stockings in a row... makes me smile and feel so grateful. Even though the greens clash ;)

The Christmas pile o' pressies is growing day by day. As well as the basket full of unwrapped books from our Christmas Book Advent!

Treasured ornaments, delightfully clumped together by the children. The gold ones were wedding gifts from my dear old housemate. The 'Lily' star is from paperboatpress, each of the children have one. The papered star is one I bought for myself and extended family about three years ago. The beautiful Aboriginal art painted bauble is one Mark bought when in Adelaide last year for the funeral of his grandfather. A small way to remember a great man each Christmas.
Selfie ;)
Eli's turn to decorate!
Eli's amazing cookies :)

She decided she wanted to write Christmas cards to her whole class, and spent an entire afternoon and evening doing so, with a different personalised message to each classmate. She was so pleased with herself, getting them all done in one day.

Ah, childhood!

Hard at work, washing all the pegboards we brought home from Playschool as part of the end of year clear up!


  1. Such beautiful chaos, I love your photography skills! Happy anniversary, ten years is a fantastic milestone xx

    1. aw thanks so much - yes, its beautiful chaos around here indeed - or sometimes just plain chaos ;) thank you - yes 10 years sounds like an awful long time but it's flown by :)

  2. Love your weekly posts! Yummy gingerbread bikkies! And you decorations all look so lovely!

  3. Lots of gorgeous pictures - I love your tree and the stitching on the stockings is not messy at all!

  4. Beautiful memories. I love this series!


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