Friday, 12 December 2014

49/52 - trimming the tree


She is a creator. A determined, visionary little spirit.

I love that she comes home from a long hard day of school and unwinds by creating an 'Air Dog' (I really couldn't describe this masterpiece with any justice). Once she has her vision, she is utterly compelled to carry it out, busily and happily working away to bring her idea to fruition. In the zone. Ever since she was tiny, this has been her joy, whipping up these original 3D creations. 

It is a beautiful thing to witness, and a passion we love to nurture - even if it means the craft room is a constant jumble of cardboard, paper, glue and markers. I guess a creative genius can't also be expected to be a tidy one, right? ;)


He is a 'noticer'.

Nothing escapes his attention (nor holds him for very long). He notices what other people are doing and feeling, he notices things both big (the cloud formations) and small (every ant and Daddy Long Legs that veers into his eyeline). He remembers and reflects and takes pleasure in memories and shared stories. He is so thoughtful and aware, quick to help and assist, and quick to show compassion. His busy little mind and heart are in a thousand places at once, it seems.

He notices the water spilled from the tap, meandering down the paved courtyard. He takes pleasure in quietly observing its gravity-motivated journey along the paver edges. I take pleasure in watching him enjoy the small things. My son, I delight in you.


He is not just a baby any more. I need to keep reminding myself of that... 

On December 1st we decorated the Christmas tree, and at first we expected Miles to only watch or otherwise attempt to dismantle the tree. What did we know? When given the chance, he eagerly and oh-so-seriously picked up the ornaments, carefully separated the string and hung them from the tree branches with care. So keen to participate in the family activities and keen to show us he is not merely the baby of the family but a very big and capable boy! He took utmost care and no Christmas ornaments were harmed in the creation of this sweet scene ;)

Yes, sweet son, you are a fully fledged family member now, able to participate in all our little traditions. I'm so thankful xx


See that smiling face? 

That is the face of a proud father, taking pleasure in even the smallest of achievements of his children. He delights in his children and nurtures and supports them through whatever they do - just for being themselves - it's a beautiful thing to witness.

He watches, engages and talks with his youngest son while he is hanging the ornaments on the tree, cheering Miles on through every precious baby step. 

Project 52: A portrait of my family once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

Sometimes waking up is hard to do...
Dear friends from Sydney came to stay, and Miles was pleased to have his sweet new buddy Ava to share in his hijinks. They perched themselves on the couch together, expectantly waiting for Playschool. 

Our Christmas Book Advent, ready for another year. I have been loving seeing this movement take momentum, with so many wrapped book collections being shared on my Facebook page. Christmas and books are a winning combination, huh? The kids are loving unwrapping both new and old favourites this year, already taking pleasure in a familiar tradition (only three years in!) 

They love decorating the tree, we love watching them. They comb through the piles of ornaments so carefully, decorating the tree with their own haphazard flare. I'm happy to just enjoy it and this year didn't even tweak the tree after they went to bed, lol. 

Master Ornament Holder

Every ornament holds a special memory or story. This silver heart was brought to us from Nana on her trip to Italy a few years ago. 

Not all family scenes are so idyllic - most are far from it!! - but this one - trimming the tree - is a treasured moment every year. Just everyone working together happily on this fun little activity, it's one of my favourite memories :)
A job well done, time to break open the first book of our Christmas advent. Books are always better by the light of the Christmas tree, dont you think?

Two new friends...
It's been two weeks of wicked thunderstorms and light shows every afternoon...
Making spinach tortillas...

We took a big box of peg boards home to clean from the playschool. Eli was playing with them and Miles wanted in. Twenty very serious minutes were thus spent filling and unfilling three different boards!! 

Beloved, pudgy, dexterous little fingers :)
A decade of marriage. We celebrated this week. Ten years of wedded adventure, a humble, happy life together and rather a tribe to show for it! I am so thankful for those vows we made a decade ago to walk through life together. I love him dearly, and more each day xx

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  1. Loved seeing the glee on the kids faces while decorating the tree. Xmas obviously holds lots of excitement :)


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