Thursday, 5 June 2014

autumn family photos and fun

Canberra in Autumn is pretty spectacular. Thanks to a bunch of American deciduous trees planted back in the day (by decree of the American city planner, Sir Walter Burley Griffin), we tend to get a whole lot more beautiful colour during Autumn than most other Australian cities.

Yes, our little city can put on quite a show, with fiery reds, breathtaking oranges, glowing yellows and deep purples everywhere. I just love this season.

Amber and I decided to lure our two families to a pretty and leafy spot by the lake for afternoon tea... and a photo session. Heehee. The kids ran around, we busily snapped them when we could (I just trailed after Amber and tried to copy her mad photo skillz!!!), and even managed to take photos of each other's families - hooray for the all-to-rare family portrait. Amber took a bunch and I did too. As she kindly passed many to me, I will post them all here in an avalanche of Autumnal themed images. I will share my own shots first as it just wouldn't be right to confuse my paltry attempts with her stunning shots!!!

And so here 'tis.... get the scrolling finger ready as there are... quite a few ;)

(this is from a few weeks ago now, oops, things have been busy!)

Precious friends, Lily and Harper (I love how H glammed up for the shoot with jewellery galore!!)
Little Harper looking adoringly up at Lily :)

Finn, Eli, Lily and Harper. Buddies.
He thought this would be a really great pose, heehee!

She was loving tossing the leaves in the air - her own idea. Blissful, joyful photos, I love them!

And now, some stunning shots from my dearest, talented, lovely Amber of We Stood Together....

Thanks so much, hon! I love them all xx

It was a little breezy by the lake ;)

Haha. They were all standing up happily on this block and then we got these faces ;)

Yes, this is how we got the kids to take small breaks from their gleeful play for a few shots. Lollies. Sometimes, you just
gotta do what you gotta do ;)

Happy Autumn :)

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  1. Awww such gorgeous photos - ALL of them! Really. So very special watching the friendship between your families blossom and grow over these last couple of years <3

    So jealous of all your autumn Canberra lovlieness too!


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