Sunday, 29 June 2014

26/52 - our family's little happy place // in the garden


She has been eager to wear her new/old poncho this month and I can't help but remember having a cool retro poncho when I was around her age (I think it was a hand-me-down from my Aunties).

Although not super practicial, oh, how I loved to wear it. It's like a skirt for your top half - what's not to love?!! ;)

There are many joys of a daughter, one of which is seeing elements of your childhood come cycling through once more.


'The chicken cuddler'.

He loves our chooks, and best of all, he loves to cuddle them. 

They are mostly pretty accomodating to his requests, especially now he has improved his holding technique ;)

PS This sweet boy said to me onight after a giggle session with Miles 'I wanna keep that baby here with us forever'. Precious... plus a good thing as I'm pretty sure M is past the 12 month return warranty?! ;)


I had to snap a shot of Bear playing his favourite game... throwing this simple little ping pong ball.

It always seems to be rolling around the house somewhere (I think we have a couple), and he love, love, loves to throw it. I gotta say, this kid has a pretty fierce over-arm throw too!!! It's the perfect size and weight to not do any damage, and gives a satisfying little pop as it tap, tap, taps across the floor. He scampers after it like an eager puppy, hunts it down (going under chairs and tables if required) then gleefully tosses it again. And again. Happy as can be.

Yeah, third kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves!!!!


Our happy place.

This scene warms my heart. It's my very favourite place to be these days. Pottering around our garden on a sunny winter afternoon - in that crucial hour before the sun drops and the fierce chill sets in. The chickens roam and peck the grass. Lily and I are planting seeds in our forlorn veggie patch (hope you enjoyed the kale, possums!!). Eli and Daddy are mulching all the shrub clippings and sticks. Miles is happily swinging, watching the family, tracking the chickens and only requiring a push and a chat every few minutes when the swing slows to a halt. We potter together... as a family. In the earth, in the garden, we work and chat and laugh and play. We dig and weed and mulch and nurture. Nurture our little country corner, and nurture each other. Quiet, simple days together. I know these 'every day' memories will be the most precious. 

There are contented sighs from the parents amidst the kids' stream of chatter. 'This is great' one of us says, and the other smiles and nods. A simple scene of family time. A sweet spot in domestic life, the kind of time I dreamed of while we slowly cleared the jungle from this back corner to make way for coops and veggie patches. Now, here we are.

I cannot help but survey this scene - a scene richer in blessings than I would ever have dared to hope and pray for - and thank God for this overflowing cup of goodness. Our family of five, just tinkering outside together. God has given us each other and come what may, we are journeying together. I am just so very grateful. I find it hard to even extract why this scene affects me so, but my eyes well every time I get to soak it up. In these little moments are the greatest treasures, I guess.

Thank you, Mark, for building this beautiful, simple, messy, currently often exhausting but always richly blessed life with me. What more could we ever ask for? I love that we get to journey through all of this together - you and me make quite a team, huh? Te amo xx

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

Lily and I created a little nature scene to surprise Eli when he returned from grocery shopping with Dad.
He got right in there, with his animals exploring the jungle!

Eli's face after the chicken flutters out of his arms!!

Eli takes his stick gathering very seriously. The cheeky chooks scratch around near by!
Miles is always tracking the chookies, calling 'Dook dook dook!'

His gleeful face every time he throws the ball.
Sibling spotted
Oil pastel drawing time together with my little Tiger x

Yes, this is the Prince's preferred mode of transport around the home ;)
Ten minutes before it's time to leave for the school run, I love glancing over to find this scene! Kids happily reading together, all ready, and chores done. Hooray!!
(Please note this chilled out scene does not happen every morning, haha)

Half way through 2014, half way through another Project 52! 

'The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. 
My heart leaps for joy and with my songs I praise Him.'
Psalm 28:7


  1. I love Ponchos - Lily looks great in hers! I just got like a more modern poncho the other day. It's wrap around though, not a hole in the top. :)

    Love Eli's face post-chickens! Lior does similar faces. So cute.

    And I also love that one of Miles spotting a sibling. It's amazing how much they love their big siblings, hey?!

    1. thanks talia - may ponchos never go out of style, huh!? :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Kate. I just love the one of Eli with his chicken! And the look on Miles' face in the "sibling spotted" photo is just so well captured. Juniper's face lights up when she sees Stanley as well, its just so lovely to witness the beautiful bond between siblings :-)

    1. yes the sibling bond is so precious huh, the best surprise of motherhood was how amazing it is to watch your kids love and get to know each other :) thanks for your comment x

  3. Your description of Sunday afternoons made me tear up a bit. You really, truly are blessed. But you already know that :)
    Love checking in on how you are all doing. Well done for keeping up with the project Kate. You are a trooper!

    1. awww thank you sweet Tarnya. While life is definitely not all idyllic gardening afternoons (ha!) I realise how blessed we are and try to be grateful/conscious of that. thanks for your supportive words, coming from you it means so much. I am just chugging away on this thing but miss you blogging alongside and inspiring me w all your shots - yipeeee so pleased you have new posts to check out :) xx

  4. That poncho is gorgeous, as are your children. The simple things really are the most satisfying. x

    1. So true Antonia! A lot to love in the simple every day moments. thanks for stopping by! :)


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