Sunday, 6 January 2019

Sixty Days of Summer / Photography Challenge / Part One

I used my DSLR so little last year (2018, that is!) that I didn't even download the images between July and December - six whole months! (gasp). And I had only taken a few dozen in that time (barely anything compared to what I used to). So I decided to pick up my (BULKY!!) DSLR again for a self-imposed 'Sixty Days of Summer' Challenge - a photo a day through December and January. It is such a wonderful time of year (with plenty of light and plenty of activity and memory making) I knew it was a season worth capturing well.

And so I have! And the photos have often been dodgy and grainy but I continued anyway (I think my camera and lens are pretty old and need a service or upgrade. Well, I am half blaming my equipment when I am sure it is mostly my rusty skills!!!). I love using my iPhone these days and have faced the fact it is always going to be my primary mode of photography from here on in because let's face it - soooooo convenient! And I am too lazy to haul my big camera around anymore. But I just don't 'see' my children and take photographs in the same way with a phone as I do with my DSLR. Hence, my challenge to myself. Because this childhood is fleeting and precious and I have realised lately how much this documentation is for them as well as me - the kids look through our annual photo books almost every day! And now they say to me 'Can you take a photo for the phooto book!' haha. I realised belately I would have hardly any images to include this year. 

So, here is a daily photo (or two..or three)... starting in early December. I will post in batches as I get them edited. I knew that daily editing/posting at this time of year would just be an extra level of pressure I didn't need. So I committed to myself to take the photos, even if I wouldn't be editing until later!

It starts with Christmas Tree decorating...(I think this was actually late November but let's be flexible!)

Christmas carols....

Trampoline evenings...

(to be continued)....

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