Monday, 20 November 2017

43.52 family fun at the fete

We love fete season, how about you?

Fun, fair food, quirky activities, craft, community and all for a good cause...what's not to love? Especially as it signals the end of the year and warmer weather, hooray!

I took the kids to a local school fete and we had such a blast! 

Loved roaming around with them, seeing them explore, try new things, have a laugh and make a bundle of memories. And eat junk food of course ;) 

These crazy kids, I do love them xx

When you are trying so hard to be tall enough to ride the bumper cars.
Sadly, not yet, buddy x

Just a couple of cool dudes, kicking back and laughing their heads off in the whirling pink tea cups. These images make me smile because I had told the kids they could each choose one ride to go on. Miles really wanted to go on the tea cups but was nervous to go on his own. Even though they were a bit young for Eli, he said he would go on with Miles to keep him company. *Melt* They laughed and laughed as the cups spun around. Love to see them having fun and being there for each other, as brothers should be!

Lily chose the rock climbing wall. It was much harder than she expected but she still gave it her very all!

The boys passed out after their whirling tea cup ride, haha! A leeeeeettle bit dizzy!

I said the kids could choose something (anything! one thing!) to eat as a treat because, hey, it's a fete! And this crazy boy!? He chose a free banana from the Woolworths stand (yes, Woolies was there giving out fruit!? That's new!). Anyway, I could not stop laughing as he plopped down on the grass to cheerily and contentedly eat his banana. Then a mandarin that I had brought from home. Don't get me wrong, he usually loves a treat! But for some reason, he just decided in his own mind that this was what he wanted that day. Props for listening to your tummy and your own mind, kid. Meanwhile, the rest of us had those yummy twirly potato things, lol.

She is a non-stop-cartwheeling-handstanding-fanatic these days!

And then.... there was fairy floss.

And at the end of the day... turns out animal petting zoos, whirling tea cups and all the rest just can't compare with some good ol' fashioned playing in the dirt with sticks....

PS I just have to give a shout out to my fave kids clothes store Elves in the Wardrobe who kindly sent us these adorable Scandi t-shirts (in my favourite ever Duns Sweden prints.... like seriously, Wind in the Willows and Forest Animals? Be still my heart!!). Not to mention the cutest and comfiest Alba Baby jumpsuit. Lily looooved running around all day in that comfy, easy to move in, jump suit and I was seriously wishing for one in my size. Kid-friendly clothes, made for play while looking adorable.... just perfect! Thanks a million to Elves in the Wardrobe for gifting us these lovely clothes! :) 


  1. Love that jumpsuit (and the banana treat!). Great photos, Kate.

  2. Ah I love a good fete... and fairy floss!
    Love the photo of your boys lying on the grass, what gorgeous shirts they have on, I wish they made them in my size!!


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