Wednesday, 19 October 2016

#highlightsreel // the sand and the sea, where the children roam free

After a week spent volunteering as a family in July, we road tripped up to Brisbane to spend a little time by the beach, with family and friends. 

It was sweet indeed :)

When the label fits... wear it with pride!!

Lily spent a lot of time walking up and down the beach with my Dad's dog, hoping people would think he was hers ;)

By the longest bridge in the Southern Hemisphere, at low tide on the mudflats. Our favourite place to run free and explore.
That magical moment when you happen to capture a teeny crab leaping from a hand...

...and that magical moment when they just happen to be walking like this...all in order, all in a line? Abbey Bridge?! ;)

We met up with my lovely, ridiculously over-talented, generally amazing friend Tarnya and her son Thomas one day at New Farm Park. Eli and Thomas clicked instantly. I just wish they could play every day! Also, Tarnya knows all the secret amazing spots for photos around there... like these incredible orange trumpet blossoms around the performing arts school. Just... wow. I think I could take photographs there all day every day!!!

Today she was like 'You can take some photos of me, Mum'. A rare occurrence so
I was happy to oblige. Oh, that sweet smile x

Just two sweet boys, trying out a little innocent 'break and enter'...
Three little loves, I heart you!

Circus on the outside, watching the circus on the inside...
(yes, they are really circus performers, practising inside! it was amazing!)

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