Sunday, 20 December 2015

BEHR & CO. // a stylish giveaway for YOU (not the kids) this time!

I see you there, Mama, rushing around this December. Buying gifts for kids and partners and others, planning Christmas lunch, what to put in the Christmas stockings and all the rest....

Well, I feel like you deserve a little something, so I'm running a special giveaway just for YOU! Yep, a chance to win something truly gorgeous for your home. I am also thrilled to feature an amazing company run by a fabulously creative work-at-home-Mum - always nice to suport those, huh? She is offering an awesome giveaway to all my lovely readers and a discount code for anyone who can't wait to get shopping :)

Let's start at the beginning, shall we?? Do you have time for a little tale in the midst of Christmas present wrapping?? :)

Well, the lovely Breanne was one of the first non-family-and-friends person to start reading my little ol' blog, way back when I started back in 2012. Honestly, I couldn't believe anyone was reading it, haha. I'm not sure how she found me, but her comments were always so sweet and supportive :) Since then, it has been just fantastic to see Breanne begin her own journey of motherhood - she now has a sweet little boy! Aaaaand then just a year ago, in all her non-existent spare time, she put her incredible creativity to work and started up the homewares company BEHR&CO. It has thrilled me no end to see her products quickly gain popularity, as well they should because JUST LOOK. I've seen her wares featured everywhere from The Block to InStyle magazine... and now here, heehee! :) No surprise, because they are simply stunning products made from marble, brass and fabric, the kind of pieces you would display in your home foreveerrrrrrr, right? I love how everything is so contemporary yet classic in style. Breanne designs and sources the products from master artisans both here and in Italy....all while being a devoted mama. Just love that!

Breanne kindly sent me a stunning hexagon trivet cut from Italian Carrera marble (so lush, huh?) and a beautifully designed perfectly-slouchy little hexagon fabric pouch. I had fun pretending to be a stylist (ha!)... but really, with gorgeous homewares like these, you can't go too wrong, huh?? ;) But seriously... I will let these pieces speak for themselves, they don't need much dressing up!

What can't you put on a marble trivet?? Everything from a cheese spread to your favourite vase. Even mangoes look nice ;) Use the trivet in the kitchen or around the home for decor, it all works!
These pouches are so cute, sturdy and handy! Pop in a pot plant, or your scarves, or kid's toys - anything!
Three spunky little pouches, ready for the kids to store all kinds of treasures. LOVE all the fresh designs (by Breanne herself!!).... Lily is planning to use hers to store her many hair ties and head bands (easy to tote all over the house)!
I think I found a new home for our lovely treasures!

So, have a drool over some of the gorgeous products along with me and then, be sure to enter our giveaway to win a $100 voucher at BEHR & CO., so you can treat yourself to a special something this Christmas.... the hardest thing to do will be deciding what to get! The pouches? The marble coasters? The brass bookends!? So many lovely things, all made with the highest of standards and oodles of love.

Thanks Breanne for always so kindly supporting me, and I am just thrilled to be featuring YOU today! It makes me so happy to see you achieving such huge success, which will no doubt continue...

Ohhhhh, and if you want to do a little Christmas shopping for your loved ones (or yourself!), Breanne has generously offered a 15% discount code on ALL products, so take that up too! Just use the code LLL15OFF at checkout. Beautiful gifts that will be treasured (and last!) for always....


Want to WIN a $100 gift voucher to spend on whatever you love at BEHR&CO?

You have two chances to win! Enter both here and on my Facebook page to double your chances!!

To enter, just answer this simple question....

'What would you love to find under the Christmas tree this year?'

Just comment below with your answer!

Then click over to my Facebook page to enter there too... two entries means twice as likely to win!! :)

xx Kate

Terms and Conditions:
Giveaway is for one $100 voucher to BEHR&CO online store.
Entries welcome worldwide! 
Must leave a name and email address if using "anonymous" or a profile not linked to a way to contact you if you've won.
Winners will be deemed most creative/interesting response as chosen by me. This is a game of skill, not chance.
Entries open 7.30pm Sunday 20th December 2015 and close Wednesday 23rd December 2015 at 9pm AEST. 
Judges decision is final. Winners must respond within 24 hours or prize will be awarded to the runner up. Good luck!

These items were gifted to me for review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Love those pouches, super cute and modern at the same time!!

  2. Hello again, I would really love to find something pretty under my Christmas tree! As well as the FB mentioned baking tins he he!

  3. Those pouches are just divine! Under the tree, if money were no object, I'd really love a telescope. Wouldn't it be awesome to gaze up at the heavens every night and learn about a new star or galaxy. Another world......

  4. Lovely pouches! I think I'd like to find one of those little elves that clean your house while you're sleeping...I'm sure they exist!

  5. Although I wouldn't mind a Roomba or new perfume, it's so true that as we get older we want less things as the things we want can't be bought...having said that, the marble trivet is pretty gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas my lovely friend!

  6. Such awesome products! I would love some lovely big fluffy towels for Christmas.

  7. Those pouches are gorgeous and so is the trivet! Love them! I'd love to find some movie tickets or a hairdresser's voucher under the tree this year.

  8. I would love to find my youngest sister under my tree Christmas morning, or maybe just sitting on my couch ;) This is the fourth Christmas since she moved overseas and I am really missing her this year. Thank goodness for Skype!

  9. I would love to find lots and lots of picture books for my son who loves everything about books.

  10. Hmmm new sunglasses would be fab... I've now dropped mine a few too many times and have a big crack going across my right eye! Loving the Behr & Co products tho.. would be pretty chuffed to have ANY of them under my tree - especially with my name on them!! Have a great Christmas Kate xx

  11. A new pillow, cozy socks and a new iron Dutch oven....simple and practical

  12. I would like organization stuff.

  13. frivolous as I would hardly use it, a hair straightener

    1. Oh but if you got one! You would use it out of principle :) I want to see you with straight hair now x

  14. Anything with my name on it would be perfection :D

  15. As well as the "mama break" I mentioned on Facebook, I'd like to find that hubby remembered to buy me a present :)


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