Thursday, 29 October 2015

#highlightsreel // chalk drawing on the trampoline

Flashing back to August, or thereabouts!

Blogging this year has been kinda sporadic, as real life priorities have been taking precedence (as well they should!). I've also been enjoying branching out a little, blogging about different topics and ideas, and blogging a little less about our daily family life. But today, when I scrolled back through my photo files, sorting and editing, I realised how much I miss this little ritual... reflecting back on moments already so quickly forgotten... simple moments that would likely be forgotten for good had I not happened to grab my camera. I've missed this little routine, a second glance at our simple days, a chance to see and feel those moments again, with new eyes and a grateful heart.

It's sweet for me to dive back in, and if you feel like swimming alongside, well, that'd be grand. It's been a while, huh? :)


An easy afternoon tea. 'Ants on a Log' - a classic! Celery, peanut butter, sultanas. Along with banana chips made in my Mum's old 80's dehydrator. So easy and so yummy!

Kinetic Sand always makes a fun morning, Sensory goodness!

This kid! He is soooo construction obsessed... this is how he went off to nap the other day. Love him :)
A simple play idea... chalk drawing on the trampoline! The unconventional surface made it seem oh-so-exciting to the boys :) It was a real 'full body' experience, haha... and all simply washed off in the next rain!

Chalky Knees
Made these super nourishing, super delicious 'Jellies' from Well Nourished. The kids love them, a great lunchbox filler, and full of goodness! (You can freeze too - and super easy to make!) 
That crazy day back in August when it was suddenly SNOWING!! Of course it melted as soon as it hit the ground but still... a little bit of magic!

(The face of a boy I just got up from rest/nap time so he could check out this wonder!)
National Book Week - Dress Up Day at school!
She chose to dress up as Milly Molly Mandy as we just finished the book.
Cute or what!
The latest bed time game is Dad (aka a fierce tiger/bear/monster) hides somewhere in the house and the kids creep around trying to find him, before he bursts out roaring at them!!! It is soooo funny to see them tiptoeing around the house in a little huddle, giggling but also partly terrified. Note, they send the youngest in to investigate first!! A second later they are all shrieking their heads off when Mark jumps up at them. He is such a fun Dad :)
Typing an email to Grandpa. She is all about letters and emails these days (my flourishing writer) and loves to send emails to Grandpa filled with her own special cheeky brand of humour.
Celebrating National Reading Hour (during Book Week) with some fun lights to make a special little Reading Nook!
Sibling Snuggles!

Mark went to Melbourne for a week to do some study. I told the big kids for a special treat they could take turns sleeping in my bed. Here is Lily, ready for our girls movie night in bed, armed with Roiibos tea and some cheeky chocolate!
The day after Mark left, all three kids came down with gastro (one by one!). Yes, it was a rather intense, busy week caring for all the poor kiddos! Thankfully I held off coming down with it till Mark got home ;)
Having fun, making bread rolls on a playdate at the lovely home of Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts
Quite a bit of flour, haha ;)
The whole world's a whirl when you are Eli!
I love these images! Just because they perfectly capture a regular ol' morning in our home. This must have been a Sunday. The kids unstacking the dishwasher, the sink area littered with dishes waiting to be loaded in, clean mugs piled on the bench for me to put away (the only cupboard the kids can't reach), remnants of breakfast still around, the day slowly commencing. And Eli, sweetly beaming, in a cape because... why not?! These are the everyday moments I treasure most of's a mess,, it's chaos, but it's ours and we are grateful for it :)

The face of a kid who is utterly adored. This boy is so well loved and well taken care of by his older siblings. Early one morning they asked if they could get him up and feed him breakfast, as they often like to do. I came out to find him set up with peanut butter toast and a drink of water - with twirly straw of course!! It's those little touches that make all the difference, right!? :)
She learnt to tie her shoelaces - and was rather pleased with herself! Now she eagerly wears laced shoes every day and also frequently offers to tie the laces of anyone else who might need her services!
Love stumbling across a little book worm :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories! :) I think we'll have to do some chalk drawing on the trampoline! Looks like great fun!


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