Tuesday, 8 September 2015

eli // five

Our little Tiger has turned five.

Beautiful boy, I'm so thankful for this reason to celebrate you. In the midst of so much sorrow and stress lately, there is you. Pure joy and energy and life. Your Papa had such a tender place in his heart for you - he adored your antics, your outlook, your energy. Till those last days he still loved hearing 'Eli stories' (and you always supplied plenty!!). I am so grateful you had that special connection with him. Watching you grow, I will always feel an extra bittersweet tang, knowing how you charmed your Papa, and wishing he was here to watch you flourish.

Oh Eli. One of the things I love most about you is your open heart. You are without guile or agenda or artifice. I love your purity of spirit, your sincerity of hope. I am so grateful to get to know you, to unlock the puzzle of your amazing mind. My first son, my middle man. When you (frequently and casually) tell me you love me, it shoots straight from your heart to mine, a little arrow of love that shoots straight and true. I send that little arrow straight back to you! You are such a loving, caring, thoughtful little dude :)

You are endless energy, endless joy and joi de vivre. You are snuggles and bouncing and adventure and helpfulness, wrapped up in a package of dizzy delight. For such a little guy, you amaze me at how thoughtful you are, always thinking of others, concerned for them, ready and willing to help. The first to pick up a dropped spoon or run to someone who's hurting. You 'notice' people, you notice things, You ask deep and thoughtful questions, your little mind seems to always be ticking over big issues. Your love for God and perceptive, simple faith is so beautiful to behold and watch unfold. You observe the world around you, you question and you wonder and you wander. Never stop, little man, never quench that thirst, that joy for living!

We got to know so much about you this year and I am so utterly proud to watch you continue to grow and learn and strive.

I love you oodles, my darling son xx

My handsome son, my middle man!
We call him 'The Noisemaker' for a reason ;)

The Annual Interview with Eli...

What are you going to be when you grow up?
I want to be a Dad 

What’s that going to be like?
I think I will have dark hair. And dark skin. And I will have lots of colourful shoes like the rainbow. I want to be a good Dad. Actually.... I want to be Santa Claus!!

What are your favourite toys?
I love money, I can keep it to buy something at the shops.
I love my Finn doll.

Who are your best friends?
I have someone but I can't tell you her name... ok.... her name's Lily!

What makes you happy?
When Daddy does lots of funny things to me... like funny faces!

What makes you sad?
When Miles is too rough with me. 

When you dream at night, what do you dream about?
I''m really trying to get a dream about Shrek.

What do you like to do with Daddy?
Play games with him, like play hungry hippos. And play chess.

What do you like to do with Mummy?
I like to play Hungry Hippos and other games with you too.

What do you like to do with Lily?
Make a show on her camera together, I love Lily's camera.

What do you like to do with Miles?
I like to play with him. I like to play chess with him too.


What’s your favourite colour?
Blue, green, purple, orange, red, white, silver, gold (the list went on and on)

What’s your favourite book?
Hippo's Cant Swim

What does Daddy do during the day?
He has breakfast with me and then he goes to work and writes things and spends money so he can buy things with it. I love him because he just loves me. I'm wishing for me to go to work with him.

What does Mummy do during the day? 
You read books with glasses. At night you can watch a show.

What do you do during the day?
I like to do the dishwasher and the washing and play outside. I like playing with you because you love me and you do lovely things for me...

It's good to be five because.....
I want to be a big boy and spend lots of money.

Mum's note: Very amused at the monetary focus this year!!! Lately the kids have been learning about the value of money and suddenly very keen to collect it ;)

Being five is sorta overwhelming too... so much pressure!!
Got the giggles...
Such a boy!!
Blue Steel

Love those deep blue eyes!

And of course, the all important collage... my, oh my, how he has grown!
And yet, still stays the same?! The curls have gone but those blue eyes are here to stay xx

We love ya, Eli!!! Enjoy your sixth circle around the sun....


  1. Gorgeous and joyful! Happy birthday to your little man and happy birthing day to you mama. You sound quite alike with your happy joyous approach to life. Love the photos and the yearly questions, such a special record xx

  2. I like the collage you made of Eli. What a lovely way to capture his growth visually throughout the years :)


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