Monday, 15 June 2015

Kidspot Top 100 Voices of 2015 // Who Me!?

This is like my face when I got the email from Kidspot ;)

Well, knock me down with a feather.

Like, SERIOUSLY. YOU COULD HAVE! I recently got an email telling me that someone had kindly nominated my blog, and from 3,000 entries, little ol' Living Loving Laughing blog was now a Kidspot Top 100 Finalist in the Voices of 2015.. In all of Australia....

Yeah. Colour me 'shocked'!!! To the point where I called my husband in and showed him the email, saying that surely someone had made a mistake!

Turns out... it was real. Heehee! So I thought I better share this on the actual BLOG in case you didn't hear me squealing all about the news on my Facebook page. What? You aren't on my Facebook page? Please feel free to hop on over and come hang out there, I share lots of interesting articles, community questions etc. Good times :)

Anyway, soooo grateful to Kidspot. It's such an unexpected honour to be part of the Top 100, especially alongside so many other wonderful blogs. Hop on over to their Voices of 2015 page and scroll around, because there are soooo many other delightful bloggers on there to discover! I feel rather humbled to be named amongst them, they are a clever bunch of cats, that's for sure. I really appreciate that Kidspot chose such a wide range of Aussie blogs to showcase - not just the big ones, you know? :)

And before I go, let me say a big thank youuuuuuu to all of you who read here. I just tinker along here in this little hobby blog of mine, I certainly never sought or expected any recognition like this but now that it's happened, I gotta say it's pretty lovely. Like a hug from the interwebz (awwww!).

Thanks again to Kidspot, and congrats to all the other 99 nominated blogs.... I will be busily clicking around discovering some more good ones tonight, I think :)


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