Thursday, 23 October 2014

three kids, two apples, one hammock

It all started with Lily's quest to DIY a porch swing. This resulted in a couple of prototypes and her Daddy's promise to help her execute a 'real swing'. After a few design drafts, Mark remembered my old hammock which I had hauled all the way back from the land of the midday nap (eg Brazil, where I lived many moons ago!).

 He dug it out of the shed to see if it would suffice - and Lily was thrilled, even though it was just a bit of a shortcut. Mark and Lily managed to hook it up over steel beams in the extremely picturesque locale of our dingy carport (surrounded by wheelbarrows, stacks of timber, bikes, and other glamorous and cobwebbed accessories). It didn't matter. Lily was tickled pink and dived into the hammock - after I had shown her how to not lie in it like a gringo, of course ;) Before long the rest of the kids eagerly piled in, three sweet little peas in a pod.

And thus I discovered at long, long, last, how to get some natural and happy shots of my kids together. Eureka!!! Confined into a small, swinging space, munching on apples, laughing, giggling and swaying together. Aha - simple, right? ;) I will take what I can get!

My three little loves, cosy and cute together, swinging away a lazy Saturday morning. Hard not to feel a little blown away at this bundle of blessings before me. Love, love, love.

PS Yes, there are a lot of pics which probably look identical to anyone except a mother's doting eye!!! ;) But it was such a rare opportunity to capture them all in one frame, I could hardly bear to cull them down toooo much. Forgive me ;)

These two angels, warming up the hammock

Miles and two apples join the crew... with much swinging, giggling, munching :)

'Too much love!!! Too much love!!!'

It's apple munching time. They were loving exchanging two apples back and forth :)

'Ok, I think I've had enough of this sharing caper....'
'Seriously, hands off, bro!'
Peacefully snuggled up, rocking the day away.... mmmmm, we could all get used to this!

I brought out a pile of books when they showed no signs of exiting the hammock... snuggly reading time commenced.

'They have a hammock like us!'

My three little duckies, in a rare and precious moment of calm... thankful to soak up moments like these in amongst the regular mayhem ;)

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